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Monday, July 28, 2014

Eating in between meetings

My view at 7:30am in NYC 

Today was a busy day! It started early and had a lot of scheduled Skype and phone meetings throughout the day. So I started by going to Wholefoods on Columbus Circle NYC and I ate from their buffet, I had organic breakfast potatoes, chicken sausage and bacon with a fresh baked bread roll. Wholefoods called it a heart breakfast - it certainly was! I had a green tea with it to help with the digestion. Antioxidants are helpful to digest a heavier meal. 

Later as I was working my lovely friend Roxxe made me her summer specialty! Mango pulp with sparkling water and fresh lime. Amazing. Refreshing. 

For lunch I had avocado on organic spelt bread freshly baked from Wholefoods. With some real salt and pepper - yum. 

For an afternoon snack I enjoyed this cup of coconut milk ice cream with chunks of raw chocolate! 

After I finished my skype calls (hiring new  Health Coaches to prepare for the book launch) - I went for a 2 hour walk to Central Park which was so so so refreshing. Found love in this leaf. 

I decided not to have dinner since I had some heavier meals today, so I ended the day with a huge glass of water with fresh lime and a calming jasmine tea. This is an easy way for us to do a light daily detox. Speaking of detox, I am a bonus speak for the Detox Summit with over 30 expert speakers including Dr Mark Hyman! To register FREE go to: 

I will wake up nice and hungry. Good night friends! 

92 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

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