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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Some days we eat more than others

Started the day with fresh organic orange juice from Juice Generation near Columbus Circle NYC. 

Then had organic breakfast from Josie's. 
eggs, bacon, potatoes and muffin. 

Left NYC for Long Island - to visit Sherry's Natural Market in Babylon, had some organic candy... 

And Ice Cream made with Rice Milk. Amazing. 

Then later visited Juice N Blendz also in Babylon on the same street, where I had a Beet Juice with beets, celery, cucumber, lemon and ginger. 

Ate some raw chocolate and cashew cheesecake (that I made a few days ago) in between,

And then had 4 organic free range chicken wings for dinner, baked in the oven cooked with hot sauce and nutritional yeast. 

Had a lot of protein today, as well as sweets and antioxidants. Of course drinking lots of water all day everyday. 

Some days we want to eat more than other days - that's natural! A good reminder is to "be with your body when it is digesting each meal." 

95 days to book launch! Last day to pre-order the book from Amazon this week and get a 12 minute Skype call with me :) 

Love Liana 

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