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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Daily food log

Started the day with cashew cheesecake, with pecans. It's so creamy because I soaked the pecans which are soft anyway, and used a Vitamix. This recipe is one of my favorites and mostly used! It's in the new book :) 

Did an hour of grounding exercise outside, such a beautiful hot sunny day in New York! Then had green juice. Feels like medicine for the human body. 

Had sushi for dinner, I just love how vibrant this bento box is. The variety, and the colors. Such a fun experience. I just wish sushi restaurants used cleaner ingredients, I haven't seen too many around yet that use organic ingredients, non-gmo soy, who don't put white sugar in the rice, or use sugar or corn syrup in their sauces. Lets do everyone a favor and ask at our local sushi places to switch to more organic ingredients :) 

I drank a lot of green tea with this dinner to help with the digestion process! Antioxidants after a heavier meal can help a lot. 

Had some raw mint chocolate for dessert with a spoon of almond butter. Yum protein. And antioxidants. 

Also had plenty of water throughout the day including a bentonite clay drink. 

Had plenty of phone and Skype call meetings today regarding the Earth Diet book launch! Found out the book is being launched in Australia in February so that's exciting. Called my Nanna who said good it's about time you visited home! And "send me more postcards!" Haha. 

Also made some cashew cheesecake and cashew lavender ice cream pops! Excited to try one of these over the weekend! 

97 days to book launch. 

Eating well.

Love Liana 

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