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Friday, July 25, 2014

Liquid breakfast

I started the day with liquids! Liquids are a great way to get nutrition instantly to the cells!! I had a superfood smoothie, aka cherries, water, almond butter, maca, honey and cacao powder. Also had a Phresh Greens. And a green tea. I drank in order of Phresh Greens to alkalize my body, and then the green tea and then the smoothie! Love this nourishing combination. 

I had a bite of raw chocolate for morning tea. And then for lunch I had this raw pistachio cookie with raspberry icing! From One Lucky Duck. 

My second lunch was this raw Snickers Cake also from One Lucky Duck. So delicious. I can't believe how they make this cake RAW! 

I had some meetings and then made it to a high rise apartment for an Earth Diet Margarita made with lime juice, tequila, coconut sugar and real salt! 

Then I had a bit of this raw chocolate - avocado pistachio! Yum! 

Then I went to Bare Burger with friends on 366 West 46 street NYC 10036. I started with this organic blueberry soda - you can of course add alcohol if you want - Bareburger has organic tequila :) 
Then I shared some sweet potato fries and regular potato fries with organic ketchup! With an organic free range beef burger with lettuce. If we are going to eat these things at least they should be organic ;) 

Their policy is amazing, and they educate people on organic lifestyle with their flyers. Why organic? 

Had a great balance of liquid cellular nutrition today, along with protein and antioxidants. 

96 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

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