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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chromium to curb sugar cravings?

Do I believe chromium can help curb cravings? Yes! 

Chromium is a natural occurring mineral found in foods we eat including broccoli (highest amount to lowest amount), barley, oats, green beans, tomatoes, lettuce and black pepper. 

Chromium has one major role in the human body. Chromium helps balance blood sugar. It does this by strengthening the signal that insulin sends, helping to drive blood sugar, helping to drive blood sugar into cells more quickly after a meal. 

So when a craving hits you for something sweet, go for the broccoli or tomatoes! 

Here are some recipes I recommend: 

1. Simply steamed broccoli 

2. Oats 

3. Cookie Dough Balls

4. Vegetable Juice 

5. Green Salad 

Vitamin C enhances the absorption of chromium. So drinking plenty of Orange Juice and lemon water, and eating oranges will help absorb chromium into your cells! 

There are also hundreds of other options available to you to curb sugar cravings. For one I wasn't sure if I was able to get off sugar! But it is totally possible! I think the key is to live a natural lifestyle consistently for a period of time and eventually the body will balance itself out and will not crave junk foods. I do not crave junk foods anymore. I do crave natural sweets like fruits and raw desserts which I allow myself to have. The thing is we want what we want! And if you want a chocolate cake you want a chocolate cake! So I say eat it, but with one rule, use as natural ingredients as possible! Make sure it gives you nutrition too! Then you feel fulfilled and your craving for junk goes! 

I designed an e-Program specifically for this reason! It is the 7 or 21 day weight loss program! Everyone who has tried it and stuck to it has been successful in losing weight and curving cravings! You can just download it and print it then do it to break the cycle of craving sweets! ! If you really want to hold yourself accountable and get control of your cravings here is more info ob the weight loss program...
P.s if you pre-order the new book you get this free as a gift! 

I think everyone that craves sugar and eats it is ready to kick the habit to the curb! Because I think eating processed refined sugar comes with guilt and weight gain and that doesn't feel good at all. 

Lastly, three more tips for suppressing cravings is to drink ginger tea and green tea and chew on ginger! 

This blog was inspired by Tammy C! Thank you Tammy for asking about chromium. 

Love Liana!

216 days to book launch! 

References for this study include: and Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine. 


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