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Monday, March 24, 2014

My weekly schedule template

At the end of each week I always reflect back on my previous week. I look at what I did, and what I didn't do, and what I want to do more of for the following week.

I created a "Program Template" that I use week to week. It is more like a roadmap, that points out what I want to do and where I want to go with my health this week. Many people have gotten success from using this program template too! It is fun, and you get to write down what you want to achieve for the week, and then tick the boxes as you go each day.

So looking back at this past week, 
- I had a lot of smoothies and fresh juices which is great, I would like to do the same next week 
- I did exercise on some days, I would like to exercise more next week and at least do on hour of body maintenance (which is what it sounds like, I just get dressed in comfortable clothing and then feel what body parts need stretching or massaging or working out!) 
- I got plenty of sleep and relaxation and I want to be this relaxed next week also! But I do want to increase my productivity just a little bit and achieve more with my work next week. 
- I are gluten twice this week, I made pizza and cupcakes! Yum! So next week I would like to be Gluten free. 
- I did get a massage from a hot tub a few times, and also did sauna a few times! So that helps with pampering and also letting out toxins! (I recommend everyone get a massage at least once per month!)

What I want for this week:
- I want to drink bentonite clay this week, to get the minerals and also to absorb toxins in my body, so every other day. 
- would also like to do one face mask this week! 
- a juice and or smoothie once per day 
- I would like to pay attention to the healing and health of my digestive system this week! So I will eat digestive health foods and also do visualization on a healthy digestive system. This is a great way to maintain health! 
- incorporate more whole and raw foods than last week. More salads. Less heavy foods and less sugary foods this week! 
- I want to make a facial scrub with salt and clay and do that twice this week.
- I want to wash my face with baking soda once this week. 
- there are a few new recipes I want to make this week.
- 1 hour of body maintenance everyday. And then 3 times in the week a hardcore workout sweating and cardio for 25 mins each. 
- I would like to increase my productivity this week and achieve some work goals. I write my work works on a separate template to my health goals! 
- I would like to do more meditation this week, more visualization and less social media. So more unplugged time. Which will be easier since the weather is getting warmer YES sooo excited that I will get to spend so many days outside! 
- I would like to write down more things I am grateful for this week! 

So now that's what I want and I will fill them in on my template so to put them in action next week! Doing these things will have me achieve more health, balance, peace, love for myself and productivity. I make life work for me. Honestly I like to put myself on a program each week because life is easier for me this way and I have more focus. I have something to hold me accountable which I like and I love looking back at the end of the week to what I ticked off! 

You can find the program template in the 365 recipe e-Book! Details here. Make it work for you and never give up, I know how difficult life can be at times, really excruciating, but nourishing our bodies with good stuff is essential and gets us through those difficult times. 

218 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

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