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Friday, March 21, 2014

Earth Diet book at Barnes and Noble - the largest book store in USA

In 220 days the new Earth Diet book will be out! Hay House are publishing it and they are sending it to Barnes and Noble to be sold! Barnes and Noble will release the book on Tuesday October 28th! Just in time for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year and whatever other fun holidays will be happening at that time! The book will still be fresh for Valentines Day and Easter for making chocolate and sweets!

Could this be the Holiday Food Book of the year? There are so many recipes in the book that are Holiday worthy! Mac 'n' Cheese, Cauliflower Popcorn, Cupcakes, Cashew Cheesecake, Chicken Nuggets, Fries, Smoothies and Juices, Raw Burgers just to name a few! Chocolate, Sweet Potato Fries, Peanut Butter Cups!

My favorite thing about the book is the recipes, how delicious they are and yet provide us with nutrition!

Oh another favorite thing is that the book is being sold at Barnes and Noble. It was not possible to do this with my first book as it was self-published, but Hay House and Barnes and Noble have been working together for some time. Barnes and Noble reach millions of people each year with their store, and I am looking forward to doing book signings, appearances and lectures there! 

So I did some research on Barnes and Noble, I wanted to know more about this popular USA bookstore where the Earth Diet book will be hanging out! 

So here are some fun facts:

  • Their headquarters are in New York City - perfect! That is where I am located! 
  • Barnes and Noble is built from a superstore concept with an in-store coffee shop and spacious areas to read books! Sweeet! 
  • Barnes and Noble stands as America's last remaining national bookstore chain. 
  • There are 675 stores across USA! Wow! 47 of those are in New York (as of 2013). 6 stores are in Manhattan! 
  • They also operate 686 college bookstores that serve more than 4.6 million students and faculty members across the country. Whatttt in colleges?!!! That is awesome! 
  • They employee 30,000 book lovers to operate the business. 
  • Michael P. Huesby is the CEO of Barnes and Noble. He was originally the Cheif Financial Officer in Barnes and Noble. 
  • I am thinking they could serve the Earth Diet Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups in their cafe section! Yum I would get that with tea!
  • Barnes and Noble have a lot of community involvement! They organize in-store events (where I come in!), such as author appearances (yes!), and children's story times and book groups. It would be awesome if I can do a quick 3-ingredient chocolate ball demonstration from the book, and show people how to make chocolate! Then people can buy the chocolate cups from the cafe if they don't want to make it themselves - or if they can't wait to get home to make it lol. 
  • Barnes and Noble hosts bookfairs, which raise funds for schools and libraries and an annual holiday book drive to collect books for disadvantaged children. 1.16 million books were collected and distributed in 2007! That is so awesome! That must be such a highlight for a child to get a cool book! I would love to work with Barnes and Noble to do a holiday book drive (see Earth Diet comes out at the perfect time haha!), and donate books to disadvantaged children, or children in hospital, or healing, and also for children you love food and making it! Love it. 
  • Barnes and Noble seem to have taken on the role of providing America with the best books and community encouragement of reading! They are a great beneficial company I think in the education of children and adults :) ! 
  • Barnes and Noble may just have the world's largest bookstore on Fifth Avenue! Oh boy I need to  check this store out! I have been to their store at Union Square and also Upper West side but not Fifth ave yet so there we go - I have a new adventure to embark on to check out this one!
  • If plenty of Earth Diet books are sold here when it comes out - I can be a NY Best Selling Author! Let's see! ;) 
I got my research from Google, Wikipedia and Barnes and Noble website. 

I am not exactly sure what I will be doing the day of the book release, but I do feel that I will be spending some time at Barnes and Noble! And I really do hope to see you there also to celebrate the launch of the book for the holidays! It will be a healthy holidays! 

I am building the team to help with the book launch, there are paid positions and volunteer positions! The most important thing I have learned from building a team is that each person should be DOING WHAT THEY LOVE MOST! That makes a great team capable of anything! Check out this web page if you want more info on being part of the team:

Love Liana 

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