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Friday, March 21, 2014

How to break a junk food habit

I was addicted to junk foods for 5 years. I felt so guilty about it, and I would eat and eat and eat junk food until I felt sick. Sometimes I took laxatives to help digest it (although of course it wasn't really helping). Then one day I got the wake up call of my life when a tumor popped in my throat. I knew then I had to stop eating junk foods and start putting nutrition back into my body! 

My advice to people is don't wait to hit rock bottom before changing your health! If you are really addicted to junk foods it may seem impossible at this point to break the habit, but it is possible and you can do it! 

Here are 2 important things to remember: 
1. it is a process !!!!!!! Be kind to yourself! You must! Beating yourself up does not work and only makes you feel worse. 
2. Find foods that fulfill your cravings BUT that are also healthy! 

Here are some of my favorite "Healthy Junk Food" Recipes: 
Raw Chocolate:
Cashew Ice Cream:
Cashew Cheesecake:

A life without junk food is bliss! Junk foods deprive the body of nutrition and cause us to feel guilty!!!

There is no way to eat your junk food cake and have it too! But there is a way to eat your natural cake and eat it too! The trick is making natural ingredients taste exactly like - or better - than your favorite junk food flavors.

I know from my experience of being addicted to junk food for 5 years and telling myself every day "this is the last day I binge on junk good" can be a living nightmare! Breaking that vicious cycle has saved my life!

Junk foods do not provide us with nutrition, they make it harder for the human body to feel good and well. Junk foods are so hard for the body to process alas the human body does it because it is brilliant!

I say who needs junk foods in this day and age? When we have natural foods that we can make taste exactly like our favorite junk foods.

If you want to break a junk food addiction you could try my 21 day Nourishment e-program available to download now: OR hire me as your mentor! I will be there to hold you accountable as well as give you recipes, tips and guidance until you are free of junk foods! More info on that here:

I am here to help you! utilize me! I am so grateful that I am free of junk foods! When I was addicted I said to myself often, "if I could just do one thing, one thing, in this life, I would want to be free of addiction to junk foods!" And now I am! I did it! At times I did not think it was possible! I also said if I could break the habit that I would be grateful for the rest of my life and I am so so so sooo grateful! 

Fill your body with more real foods, less junk foods!

Love recovered junk food eater - haha - Liana !

Book launch in 221 days! I hope to help millions of people who are in the same boat I was in. Life sucks when controlled by food!


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