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Friday, March 21, 2014

What do you think of Cameron Diaz talking about poop on Dr Oz?!

Do you think it's sexy? Or does it even matter?! Haha well poop is real life anyway. I love how vulnerable and open she is to talk about body things that well many people wouldn't go there... But I guess she did write "The Body Book" after all!

I love her tag line "24 hours to a better body" !!! ! 

Check out the video:

In the video she also guzzles a lot of water! Hilarious haha she's like a women warrior athlete... Who now talks about poop! 

But haha she also talks about being totally cool with our own bodies! Like totally in love with our own body just the way it is, and relinquishing any guilt and confusion! Like releasing that heavy burden many women have, and just feeling better about our bodies, and then nourishing them accordingly (using recipes from my book). I think the best thing about me is my recipes. Haha that's probably been my greatest gift to the world as yet. 

Overall totally powerful message, loving Cameron Diaz and her body boldness!

And shout out to Dr Oz for using his platform to spread great healthy inspiring messages to the world! 

It's 221 days to book launch! 

I wonder when I'll be on with Dr Oz?! ;) 

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