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Friday, March 14, 2014

Having fun on Instagram!

I have been having so much fun with my new Instagram account lately and have been wondering if you guys have Instagram?

I am using it as a fun place to post photos of food, travel, what I'm up to and empowering messages! It is such a FUN social network! 

Here are some of my favorite posts since I started Instagram!

In Costa Rica! Enjoying the majestic volcano, right after a bentonite clay bath! 

Watching myself on Fox News haha with Carol Alt talking about "Natures Candy"! 

Myself with Gabby Bernstein, best selling Author of May Cause Miracles! 

Loving self image!

Enjoying my favorite food at Pure Food and Wine in Manhattan!

A chocolate beet cake new recipe I made! So yum! 

One of my favorite smoothies ever! Berries mixed with water, raw honey, almond butter and cacao powder!

Join me at

Let's have fun together! :) ! 

228 days to book launch wowza!

Love Liana 

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