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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hair, makeup and fashion for the health conscious lady

Hair, makeup and fashion are all prevalent things in a woman's life! If you are like me, you live in the modern world and want to enjoy all the beauties... including our own beauty! But in the most healthy way possible! What is the point in consuming a tone of chemicals right? They will only age us, and destroy earth!

The Earth Diet is not just about what we eat, but what we put on our skin! Our skin is the largest organ and absorbs EVERYTHING, so it is very important that what we put on our skin we can also eat!

With that being said... what makeup are you using?

Where are you getting your hair done? What shampoo are you using? What chemicals are coloring your hair?

How many clothes do you purchase every year? Where do those clothes come from? What are they made from? Do you want to look incredible by consuming less resources and spending less money?

Hair, makeup and clothing can be an exciting experience to being a woman! I embrace all of it, but in the most healthy way possible. The result? My skin is better, I am slowing down my aging process, I am consuming less chemicals, my immune system is stronger, and I am still able to look vibrant and feel sexy!

I only work with people and companies that are earth friendly so you can always count on me to share these types of resources. I support the people who are behind healthier companies!

Here are three healthy alternatives for hair, makeup and clothing: 

1. Makeup
Go for make up that is plant based, that does not test on animals (youtube animal testing if you don't know about it), and makeup that is chemical free. You do not want a lot of chemicals going into your skin - gross! I use Australian Made ADORN Cosmetics that is 100% natural, pure mineral and organic make-up. Since discovering ADORN at the end of 2011 I have not used anything else, so every photo and video you have seen of me I am wearing ADORN! I wore ADORN on Fox News. It looks very natural and feels very light on the face. Remember if you cannot eat your makeup do not eat it! The egyptians used charcoal for mascara (a recipe for mascara in my new book!) and mineral rocks for bronzer, and berries would stain their lips for color. ADORN is a more modern approach to what nature can provide us now to enhance our beauty.

I love that ADORN is getting recognized in mainstream media, CLEO says "Use ADORN for safe non toxic natural cosmetics!"

2. Hair
When in New York City I get my hair done at New York Hair Co! And I also use organic shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis. Coconut oil and olive oil are my hair treatments. And occasionally I wash with bentonite clay to add volume to my hair and give it a good cleanse. I go to New York Hair Co for my hair cut, styling and highlights as they use organic color and products. The owner Andrew Gould is also a vegan and has a personal commitment to the humane treatment of animals and and his belief in caring for the environment that has set the tone for the salon. The salon’s priority is to use and sell only cruelty-free hair care products (no animal testing). And whenever possible, the salon strives to be green by offering organic hair care products and color, as well as using green energy (wind and solar) and green cleaning products that are good for you and for the environment and using ceramic coffee cups in place of paper cups to cut down on paper waste."

3. Fashion
For Fox News (video here) I rented a dress from Rent The Runway! It totally fits in with my theme of consuming less resources, and not cluttering up my closet with outfits I may only wear once. With this company rent designer dresses for a special occasion and then return them!

Dress from Rent The Runway
Have you seen the ocean lately? We consume all these products and then throw them out, and well Earth has a hard time breaking them down! Our rubbish goes somewhere. Using products like these healthier ones lessens our guilt, enhances our natural beauty, and well lets show some love to companies like these who are earth friendly and helping us be healthier!

Show "New York Hair Co" some love:

Show "ADORN Cosmetics" some love:

Show "Rent The Runway" some love:

243 days to the new book launch! At the book launch party I will certainly be wearing ADORN, have had my hair done at NY Hair Co and most probably be wearing a dress from Rent The Runway! Hehe!

Feeling beautiful... naturally!

Love Liana