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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 311

Thoughts: Man's Choices.

Stop thinking!!! This is what I keep telling myself! I think about everything, all the time, everywhere, with everyone, my mind is constantly chitter chattering. I am left experiencing tiredness, frustration that I know that I am missing out on the divine moment that will never be again, yet I keep thinking, and then I realize this frustration is more of my thinking! Haha. See even knowing that all I have is the now, the present, and thinking is the ego and takes me out of it, really makes no difference. I have to actually put it in affect. To practice what I know. To be in action!

I am a machine and it shows when I can be turned on and off by an outside circumstance. Organic life is operating one way all the time.

Perhaps if god were talking to me, god would say:

All is connected and I am part of all. You are connected to me in every manifestation of energy you see as a separate three dimensional entity. We are all one, and you are connected to me through all.

This means what you refer to as both the good and the bad. The bad is in really only not-good, by which I mean it is not connected with me by intent.

The individual collection of energy that has been given a specific personality that indentifies itself as a separate person has the option of flowing whichever way it chooses to explore its expression. I am part of that ìbadî person, but I donít make the choices for them unless they ask my assistance. There is no power in conflict with my power. I am all power and all of creation is my idea and my vision. I am in all and I love all because it is an extension of me. Man has chosen to characterize those choices and actions that are in conflict with a balanced alignment with me as ìevil.î I didnít create evil, man did through his interpretation of choices. Man chose to be victimized; man chose to be what he interprets as injured and suffering. What is hurting but a way of experiencing a relationship with me? The more someone hurts, the more they are detached from their intentional connection with me.

Life in your world is created by man, and your conflicts and disharmony are a result of your willingness to accept this situation of detachment from me. Part of this detachment manifests itself as a feeling of powerless or a fear of others being your God. You have forgotten how you are always connected with me, how you have infinite power through me to do anything you choose. Your situation is because you want it. You donít take steps to change itóin fact, you have the mistaken belief that you canít change it because others have power over you. This is not the truth. Everyone has equal power because I am in all and I am more powerful than anything else. Your ability to create balance and harmony is part of your nature, but you have forgotten what that means.

The situation you see in the world today is manís creation and man determines how it progresses. Men that have been given control are shaping how the world operates, and they are acting completely in disregard of my universal laws. They are intending to go against me. You label them bad or evil. I say they are consciously ignoring me. I love all and I am not the wrathful, vengeful God looking to make someone suffer. Your perception of self protection and an assumed threat to your existence causes you to imagine I operate in the same way you have created on Earth for your dual existence. I do not punish with hellfireóyou do. I do not hate part of my creationóyou do. I see all as moving at an individually determined rate of seeking re-union with my love. Once you realize the true connection with me, you realize the error of judging others by thinking some are good and some bad. Your higher spiritual self realizes that you are all part of the same creation and that everyone you find inferior or second class is, in truth, your equal. You are not better than they; they are not worse than you. They are only at a different place in their progression back to me and are making choices that seem at odds with yours.

It is not your role to determine what anyone but you alone should do. You make your decisions to the best of your ability to discern my truth, and then you live complete by those decisions. Your interaction with others is shaped by your awareness of what I guide you to do. You donít choose to react without consulting me first. You don't rely on your collected memories and past experiences without examining your feelings first. Your feelings know my truth when you seek to communicate with me. This knowing allows you to choose thoughts and behaviors that cause you to act in line with my wishes. What else can you do but seek my guidance and live in balance with my vision of a created universe?

I will speak some on the time you live in. I am shaping your material universe to reflect a different concept. I choose to have balance and harmony again. I have experienced all I wish to experience through duality and illusory perceptions of manís relationship to me in this particularly dimensional construct on this planet. My vision is of this system moving into a higher frequency of energy reaction. The chaos you feel caught up in is still of your perception, but we with a higher overview are helping some of you shape a new awareness of the true facts the illusions mask. The awareness and awakening to your true status and power is all that will break the restrictions you have assumed. We will not intervene in the sense your movies describe for you. We will intervene through a quickening of your inner understand. We will guide those of you that are receptive to actions and behaviors that are more and more in keeping with your heightened awareness of your connection with me.

This is reaching a peak and is being influenced by physical stimuli that are coming with the increasing energy that is surrounding you. Jupiter is sending more to you regardless of whether you can see the planet or not. The photon belt is raising your physical stamina and forcing your body to reconnect its basic elements to be in sync with its greater vibrations. All these elements are playing into your quickening as an extension of me. You are raising your frequencies as I change mine to experience a different set of universal parameters.

I will not give you a timetable. That is purely a fiction you feel you need to satisfy your ego. If you seek to be every more in alignment with me and my truths, the timeline becomes unimportant, or at least secondary in importance in your thinking. The truth is that man will end the chaos when man ends the chaos. You choose when that will be and how soon it will be. The mitigating factors in this are your surroundings are changing, forcing you to change and causing your previous assumptions and behavioral choices to be ineffectual. Things you have accepted as certainties are no longer the norm. Your perceptions are no longer the same and your beliefs are continually being questioned. Wake up! See your power and choose to live in balance with others. Take control of your life by my assistance and create a new existence.

Source: Neale Donald Walsch

Quotes: Never listen to others negative comments or opinion of what you can or cant do. As the saying goes: 'never give away free rent space in your mind'. - Jonathan Stone

What I Ate Today:

Meal 1: A beetroot (beet), carrot, celery, ginger, spinach and parsley juice!

Meal 2: Buckwheat Pancakes with maple syrup and strawberries mmm! Created with buckwheat, water, maple syrup/agave syrup, strawberries!

Meal 3: Raw Zucchini Pasta Pesto! Created with zucchini, basil, garlic, lemon, Himalayan salt, black peppercorns, pine nuts and olive oil.

Meal 4: Fresh Blackberries and Blueberries :)

Meal 5: Raw Tacos :)I was so happy when I found this alternative to aacos as I loved tacos before The Earth Diet - and now I can enjoy them processed free, sugar free, chemical free and preservative free! Created with flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, onion, garlic, avocado, lime, tomato, cashews, pine nuts, fresh herbs and more!

Recipe: The recipe for Buckwheat Pancakes, Raw Zucchini Pasta Pesto, and Raw Tacos is available free on The Earth Diet website www.TheEarthDiet.Org

Exercise: A one hour work out at Big Al's Family Fitness :) I did cardio and core work then stretching in the sauna mmm :) Opening the first Earth Diet Cafe there tomorrow!

54 days to go!!!


  1. Is this from Conversations with God? Neale Donald Walsh? Sounds like it...

  2. Very interesting "thoughts" on what God would say to you. I have a few different thoughts myself. I'll start with just one.

    "The truth is that man will end the chaos when man ends the chaos."

    The TRITH is that God will end the chaos when HE chooses.


  3. Hey Bob! Thank you for your comment :)

    I can see how both are valid - if we are all created in the likeness of god and god is within us always, everywhere and every time, if we allow it, then it is both man and god which is the same thing, who will end the chaos.

  4. God and man is NOT the same thing. The day we stand before Him, we will surely know that.