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Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 307

Thoughts: This is the triune truth:

1. Nothing in my world is real

2. The meaning of everything is the meaning I give it

3. I am who I say I am and my experience is what I say it is

This evokes the triune process:

A. See the illusions as illusions

B. Decide what it means

C. Re-create yourself anew

– Communion with God, Neale Donald Walsch


1. The Illusion of Need
Everything you think you need you already have. It exists inside of you. “Needs” are only preferences. Observe that you can exist without.

2. The Illusion of Failure
You never fail to succeed. “Failure” is a great teacher. Embrace failure, do not fear it.

3. The Illusion of Disunity
You are not apart but a part. Unity and separation are the very rhythms of life.

4. The Illusion of Insufficiency
Fill the insufficiency. Be the source. Give what you desire away. There is enough, for the world is abundant.

5. The Illusion of Requirement
There is nothing you have to be or do. Happiness is a choice. Remember, everything you do, you do for you.

6. The Illusion of Judgment
Observing is witnessing, judging is concluding. Observe, as that which you would judge has already ceased to be.

7. The Illusion of Condemnation
There is a difference between consequence and punishment. Everything is temporary.

8. The Illusion of Conditionality
There are no victims. You choose your life by the way you interpret and define your own experiences. There are no conditions to love and unconditional love is the greatest gift you can give to the world.

9. The Illusion of Superiority
Superiority is an illusion based on preferences – not facts. After all, how could one be superior to itself? Remember NAMASTE: I honour the light that resides within you, which also resides within me. We are all one.

10. The Illusion of Ignorance
You already know all of this. All learning is remembering. Some simply remember more than others.

Quotes: “You are not your physical body. You are that which controls you body, lives with your body, and acts in the physical world through your body. Health is an announcement of agreement between your body, mind, and spirit. When you are not healthy, look to see which parts of you disagree. Honour your body." - Neale Donald Walsch

This blog is thanks to the extraordinary being Jiveny Blair-West who lives for the people and is the author of Beautiful NowHere!

What I Ate Today:

Meal 1: A beetroot (beet), carrot, celery, spinach and ginger juice.

Meal 2: An avocado.

Meal 3: An orange.

Meal 3: Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms! Created with walnuts, pine nuts, olive oil, basil, mushrooms, garlic and himalayan salt.

Meal 4: Chocolate Fruit and Almond Bark! Created with coconut butter(oil),cacao butter, cacao paste, cacao powder. maple syrup, agave nectar, honey, hazelnut extract, vanilla extract, sunflower lecithin, cup raisins, dried cherries, coconut, almonds and walnuts! No sugar, no dairy!

Meal 5: Ginger tea - lots of ginger tea. This is boiled water with chunks of ginger.

Meal 6: 2 organic nectarines.

Recipe: The recipe for Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms and Chocolate Fruit and Almond Bark are available for free on The Earth Diet website

Exercise: A Zumba dance class at Big Al's Family Fitness! I especially love this dance class as I have to give up looking good, if I am thinking at all in the class, I become heady and disconnected with my body and will then lose coordination with the dance moves and become rigid and stiff. So I get to really loosen up and be free :)

58 days to go!!!

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  1. Great blog! Thank you Liana! Love this one! It is so right. Perfect. Just what i needed to hear. You are on a beautiful quest of uplifting and reminding us all.