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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 301

Thoughts: It is never too late!

It is never to late to choose health.

It is never to late to start something new.

It is never to late to create yourself anew.

It is never to late to change your mind, state or being.

Life is now, and now and now.

The past and future does not exist, only when I hold it in my mind does it exist, so I therefore know I can choose to let it go or choose keep it around. Letting go has been my challenge lately.

I am practicing choosing to let any negative or self defeating thoughts pass through, or replacing them with positive love thoughts. I am starting to realize what is the point in thinking thoughts about myself that will not raise my vibrational frequency. Why do I want to feel like crap? Why do I want to suffer and repeat this action to create more pain? The truth is, I don't, but my personality perhaps does. "It" is familiar with these kinds of actions as it is easy, it is what I have known for 23 years. It is only now that I am learning that I can wrap my arms around myself and that is all I have, there is no past lingering, and no future hanging off me, I can wipe it all away and start fresh, moment to moment to moment.

I am learning to live each moment, and watching how easily I forget, it may be a person, something someone says, an outside circumstance, I eat too many nuts for example that I allow to affect me and I forget that there is only now - and in the present there are no problems. I am then quickly pulled out of the divine moment and into my constant chit chattering mind. Eckhart Tolle says "The mind is a superb instrument if used rightly. Used wrongly, however, it becomes very destructive. To put it more accurately, it is not so much that you use your mind wrongly—you usually don't use it at all. It uses you."

And even though I forget and then create guilt in me that I was not living that moment to the fullest, or I was not expressing my truest self expression, I can then remind my self it is never to late and I can start again - now!

Jinjee from The Garden Diet says the best thing about 'falling off' is that you can get right back on again! I do slip and binge - and my challenge is to be in a healthy state always, not sometimes, or most times, or a few times, at all moments, constantly choosing health. Re choosing and re choosing. And at times when I forget and binge on nuts, or over eat, I acknowledge it and don't beat myself up and move on and re-create health. There are of course times where I have beaten my self up and felt guilty, and that only led to more bingeing, and more guilt arggh vicious circle!

Living in the moment is a healthy moment. A moment that feels good. We have all experienced it at some point in our lives - free of mind. It may have been during yoga or meditation, sex, drugs or with loved ones. We all know it exists. Freedom is right here right now if I choose it :)

It is never too late.

Peace, love, light
Liana xxx

Quotes: It is never too late to be what you might have been.

What I Ate Today:

Meal 1: Raw Breakfast Gumbo (Raw Vegan Porridge). Created with bananas, the juice of apples, honey, Linseed, Sunflower and psyllium husks, dried fruit, nuts, and raspberries!

This recipe is by Jiveny Blair-West, "This is one of my favourite breakfast treats! It’s the ideal breakfast before heading out for a hike or other physical activities…or then again, just because you want it as it tastes so damn good! I especially enjoy it in the colder months as it reminds me of porridge…The range of different flavours and textures create a party in your mouth so savour the sensations!"

Meal 2: 3 organic nectarines.

Meal 3: A delicious creamy avocado. mmm my favourite food!

Meal 4: Raw Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream! Created with cocao, water, maple syrup, vanilla, organic peanut butter (or blended peanuts) and cashews!

Meal 5: Honey Glazed Salmon with Sesame Seeds! Created with Salmon, Garlic, Lemon, Olive Oil, Spring Onions, Honey, Agave syrup, Sesame seeds, with grilled Zucchini and tomato! Yum :)

Recipe: The recipe for Breakfast Gumbo, Raw Chocolate Ice Cream and Honey Glazed Salmon with Sesame Seeds is available free on The Earth Diet website

Exercise: A lot of walking today :) And stretching my body.

64 days to go!!!

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