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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 309

Thoughts: This Wednesday the 15th of September is Wellness day at Big Al's Family Fitness and I will be launching Earth Diet options as an authentic health cafe!

We will be giving out free samples of juice and raw organic sweets like Chocolate Balls, Cookie Dough Balls, Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares, and Manny's Peanut Butter Pie! If you live in New York then come check it out - click here for details.

Mention this blog and get a buy one get one free large juice!

In working with Big Al's our goals are:

-To incorporate healthier options available for members of the gym and also the community who are non members.

-To re-enrol customers in who we are; Big Al’s represents a healthy lifestyle.

-People can trust our authenticity by knowing all ingredients, where they came from and how the food was created.

-For people to create a new relationship with themselves, food, exercise and a consistent healthy lifestyle thanks to the services and opportunities available at Big Al’s Family Fitness.

The menu at the new Earth Diet Cafe will be juicing and raw sweets:

Juicing - when we juice the fruits and vegetables, their goodness is released from the fiber and we are able to drink their highly concentrated nutrients which are then able to enter out bloodstream very quickly on a cellular level. It gives our body and digestive system a break to rejuvenate!.

The juices will be:

Sweet Start
Orange and Grapefruit

Vitamin Boost
Strawberry, Grapefruit and Orange

Muscle Soother

Fat Blaster

Organ Strength
Carrot and Apple

Bladder Boost
Cucumber, Green Apple and Ginger

Get it Moving
Beet, Carrot, Celery and Ginger

Apple Juice

Liver Mover
Beet (beetroot), carrot, celery, ginger, apple

Hangover Cure
Banana smoothie

Pineapple and fresh mint

Digestive Delight
Lemon (with peel), grapefruit and orange

Deep Body Cleanse
Apple, Carrot, Celery and spinach

The Refresher
Cucumber. Celery, Carrot and Apple

Energy Shake
Parsley and Carrots

Parsley, Carrots, Celery and Garlic

Banana smoothie clears heat, lubricate lungs, lubricate intestines, lower blood pressure, aids alcohol intoxication!

Benefits of each ingredient:

Orange: lubricates lungs, resolves mucus, increases appetite, strengthens spleen, quenches thirst, and promotes body fluids.

Grapefruit: strengthens stomach, aids digestion, circulates chi, detoxifies alcohol intoxication.

Strawberry: lubricates lungs, promotes body fluids, strengthens spleen, detoxifies in alcohol intoxication.

Carrot: clears heat, detoxifies, strengthens all organs, benefits the eyes, relieves measles, lubricates the intestines.

Apple: strengthen heart, tonify chi, quench thirst, promote body fluids, lubricate lungs, resolves mucus.

Cucumber: clears heat, quenches thirst, relieve irritability, promotes diuresis.

Ginger: promotes sweating, anti-toxin, antidote for seafood poisoning.

Beet: nourishes blood, tonifies the heart, calms the spirit, lubricates the intestines, cleanses the liver

Celery: tonifies kidneys, stops bleeding, strengthens spleen and stomach.

Banana: clear heat, lubricate lungs, lubricate intestines, lower blood pressure, aid alcohol intoxication.

Pineapple: clears heat, dispels summer heat, aids digestion, stops diarrhea.

Mint: promotes digestion, quick remedy for nausea, pening up congestion of nose, throat, bronchi and lungs, giving relief in respiratory disorders resulting from asthma, cold etc., oral health

Lemon: stimulate and aid elimination. The highest form of Vitamin C in a fruit and the most alkaline food there is. Purifys the liver.

Spinach: nutrient dense, low in calories and extremely high in vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients, loaded with flavonoids which act as antioxidants,

Parsley: promotes digestion, removes stagnant food, regulates flow of chi, induces measles eruption.

Garlic: anti-viral, anti-fungal, detoxifies meat and seafood, kills worms, removes stagnant food or blood, reduces abscess

Tomorrow I will let you guys know about our sweet raw options!

Today was a chill Sunday so I got to play around with new recipes today and I ate some delicious healthy foods! See below :)

Liana xxx

Quotes: We come in naked and we leave naked - John Michael Sherdon.

What I Ate Today:

Meal 1: A beetroot (beet), carrot, celery, spinach and ginger juice!

Meal 2: Crawfish Red Rice And Beans! This was my first time having this and I loved it! Created with red beans, white wine, sage, onion, thyme, garlic, cayenne pepper, agave, paprika, chipotle, himalayan salt, black pepper, bay leaves, parsley, mushrooms, crawfish and rice!

Meal 3: Half a cucumber. And I used the cucumber skin to cool my face - ahh beautiful :)

Meal 4: A Sweet Sesame Salmon Salad! Created with salmon, honey, sesame seeds, asparagus, cucumber, baby spinach, tomatoes and spring onions (shallots)!

Meal 5: Triple Layer Chocolate Nut Slab! Yum!

Created with three layers - first is a rich layer of brazil nuts, cacao and agave, the middle layer is sweet and light with almonds, oats and agave, and the top layer is a smooth chocolate frosting made with cacao, agave and avocado! The best thing is no cooking - it is... RAW! If you have chocolate cravings, or like to eat sweet foods, this is a great healthy natural alternative :)

Recipe: The recipe for Crawfish Red Rice and Beans, Sweet Sesame Salmon Salad and Triple Layer Chocolate Nut Slab are available free on The Earth Diet website www.TheEarthDiet.Org !

Exercise: Today I put on some beautiful relaxing music by John Michael Sherdon and did some dancing, stretching and breathing and yoga :) I also went for a bike ride to and from the store to buy a new blender!

56 days to go!!!

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