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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 242

Alex Grey Art

Thoughts: The Photon Belt.

An Article by Virgil Armstrong ©l995

Lately there has been much talk about the Photon Belt and the accompanying manasic radiation, both scientific terms for this spectacular coming event.

Science first admitted knowledge of this phenomenon in 1962, 33 years ago! As for us, the public, awareness oft his event came much later, and sadly, only to a very small number of people.

Even when I first heard of the Photon Belt, I was inclined, through ignorance, to give it little credence. In fact, my first reaction was, "the ,Wu-Wu's' are at it again. They have invented a new wrinkle to make more money." This was almost a colossal mistake on my part and at this point, I began to take this phenomenon seriously.

The Photon Belt and the manasic radiation have a greater impact than one might imagine. From the scientific point of view, it is the procession of our Solar System and its accompanying planets around the Central Sun, called Alcione, located in the constellation of Pleiades. This counter-clockwise cyclic procession around Alcione requires 25,860 years to make one complete orbit. Our present-day sun, moon, and planets must twice pass through the Photon Belt during this time, that is, once to the North and once to the South. (See diagram, below.) During this cycle, there are two periods of darkness and two periods of light. The periods of darkness, which constitute the vast majority of the rotation around the Central Sun, consist of two periods of 10,500 years each, plus an additional, seemingly optional 430 years for both of the 10,500-year periods. (i.e., 10,500+430 = 10,930 years, times 2=21,860 years).

Following each period of 10,500 years of darkness, we then emerge into 2000 years of total light, which actually constitutes the Photon Belt. In review, we then have 21,860 years of darkness and 4,000 years of light (21,860 + 4,000 = 25,860 years, or one complete cycle/orbit). Again, please refer to the diagram below.

Another way of viewing this phenomenon is that in one complete orbit, we have five sixths darkness and approximately one-sixth light, or a 5:1 ratio, with darkness being predominant. Surprisingly enough, we are now, as a Solar System and planet, once again emerging from 10,500+ years of darkness and preparing to merge into 2000 years of light, which we will begin to experience in the year 2000. The foregoing is a general scientific understanding of the Photon Belt phenomenon, but what about its spiritual significance? A question in your mind might be, "Why does the darkness, or negative aspect, of our 26,OOO-year journey around the Central Sun predominate? Why not more light?" As in all things in the Creators omni-universes, everything has divine purpose and reason. All aspects are in synchronicity with one another: the higher with the lower, the lower with the higher; or, to quote Kabalistic law, "as it is above, so shall it be below; as it is below, so shall it be above." It is important to understand that divine law has intent and purpose. What I am about to relate spiritually will lend greater individual understanding and acceptance of what would otherwise appear to be punitive and unreasonable.

To begin with, the Photon Belt really is nothing new. In ancient history there are many references, particularly by the Greeks and Romans, to a Golden Age wherein there was nothing but light, love, peace and tranquility, a place where death, war, famine, disease, and poverty were unknown. These ancient philosophers were obviously alluding to the Photon Belt, that 2000-year period of light. Once again we are at that point where we are about to enter into this phenomenal period of light, the Golden Age of the past and the future. We are emerging from our oppressive cocoon of darkness and, like the butterfly, can emerge as something extremely beautiful, that is, our light bodies and our total communion with the Christ. That cocoon of darkness, despite its oppressiveness and negativity, has been our teaching and learning vehicle to qualify us once again to return from whence we came, the Photon Belt. We are again being offered the opportunity to break the fetters of this world of illusion to turn the mirror around, and in its place perceive our true reality. With this, the restraints of negativity, illusion, polarities, judgments, control, hate, avarice and greed, jealously, killings and war will all fall away. Our special Earth assignment, which has been to experience and master negativity and illusion, will be fulfilled, and we can go home where we rightly belong. As we approach the Photon Belt and its eminence, the manasic radiation, we will become aware of the Christ consciousness and the call to arms. The call to arms is a declaration by the Christ that we have been in darkness long enough and now it is time to go home into the light. In the final analysis, however, the choice is our though our free will. The going-home process is not as simple as it would first seem, for we must first experience a tremendous transformational process which will enable us to eliminate our negativity and assume our bodies of light. This, in turn, will catapult us out of the enslaving energies of the third dimension into the fourth and fifth dimensions - the Photon Belt.

This quantum leap into the future is not customary but is usually sequential in nature, encompassing one dimension at a time. However, due to our unexplained unwillingness to grow and mature with the dictates of the divine scenario, in contrast to the other planets, we must now play catch-up and attain the level of the other planets in order for the Solar System to remain in keeping with divine intent and scheduled advancement. We must finally be brought to terms in order to insure safe passage by the entire federation of planets into the Photon Belt. We have just a few years until the year 2000 to do this. This is not only the entrance into the Photon Belt but also the fourth dimension. By the year 2005, five years into the Photon Belt, we will have reached our ultimate objective, the fifth dimension! An interesting fact: the Lost Books of the Bible, that is, the original and unabridged version of our current Bible, states that "The second coming of the Christ will occur in the year 2005." This then implies that we will witness and experience the second coming of the Christ only after we have attained the fifth dimension of consciousness. We will by then have long abandoned our bodies of density and will be wearing our garments of light, just as the Christ always has.

Before any of this can happen, we must first experience a complete transformational process here on Earth. Our planet, our bodies, and our consciousness all must achieve and resonate at a much higher and intense frequency in order to accommodate the incoming Christ consciousness. Let's begin with one aspect of our planet's transformation. Our present speed as we as a planet fly through space is estimated to be about 18,000 miles per hour. Consider then the speculation that upon entering the Photon Belt, we will have reached a speed of 208,000 miles per hour, or an increase of 190,000 miles per hour. One does not have to speculate very long to realize this tremendous acceleration will compress time and space into realms of realizations, incomprehensible at this time. What can be assumed is that all things mundane and corporeal in nature will undergo tremendous transformation in order to be in harmony with the compression and accelerated speed. Every cell in our body' every molecule, every atom will be rearranged so as to (hopefully) transform our current bodies of density and morality into a vehicle of transformational light, capable of facilitating the incoming Christ consciousness and its immortality. It is also said that in the transformational process, our DNA system will be rearranged from a system of 2 strands to a system of 12 or 13 strands. Our chakras will also be rearranged and increased, going from 7 to 12 or 13. Our atoms will be increased and rearranged in order to facilitate the incoming light

Perhaps, in the dialog above, I have created an element of fear among you readers. This, of course, was not my intention, but it does serve a point.

Mass chaos and destruction, although present for the many, need not affect you personally. Repeatedly throughout these writings I have ventured that all will be spared if they will acknowledge the incoming Christ energies and strive to walk and talk in love, light, balance, and forgiveness. In the process you will be creating your new and wondrous body of light. As you, "through the above," build your body of light' you will be resistant and ultimately impervious to all physical and archaic laws. Remember that when you have a body of light, you are one with the Christ and the fourth dimension. Therefore, your physical being is not of density and matter, so how can you get hurt? Fear is food for the darker and negative forces and is the vehicle through which they have controlled Us over the millennia.

Without fear, they have no way to control us and so are impotent. Remember this when you most need it.


1. In the year 2,000, we enter the Photon Belt and the Fourth Dimension.

2. The photon Belt is what the ancient Greeks and Romans referred to as the Golden Age -the era of Peace. There were no wars, famine, pestilence, etc., only Light.

3. Spiritually the Photon Belt is the abode of the Christ, the manasic radiation (the radiation and eminence of the Christ).

4. The Null Zone is the pre-transformational area where the old and archaic will be transmuted or destroyed. It is the separation of the wheat from the tares. There is a progressive intensity of light.

5. (See Diagram below) The upper right-hand corner represents the new planet Earth for those souls who will not go into the Light. As we ascend, they descend and become the new planet Earth. New life forms repeat another 10,500 years of negativity and darkness.

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Challenges: Leave no doubts or uncertainties. Note that thoughts are energy, more real than our physical bodies; therefore they must be controlled and specifically directed. - Virgil Armstrong

Triumphs: Indecisiveness is over. You must declare where you and your consciousness are. - Virgil Armstrong

I am loving lime this summer! It is so refreshing as a salad dressing :)

What I Ate Today:

Food fest 1: A beet carrot, celery, ginger juice.

Food fest 2: 4 chocolate balls! Ingredients: peanuts, brazil nuts, almonds, cocao, agave syrup, water mmm yum!

Food fest 3: Spicy Green Avocado Salad mmm mmm! Ingredients: baby spinach, lettuce, lime, garlic, ginger, spring onions, coriander (cilantro), coriander seeds, himalayan salt, olive oil, green chilli, cucumber, avocado, tomato (for Andrew)!

Food fest 4: Another avocado and 3 nectarines.

Recipe: Recipes for Chocolate Balls and Green Avocado Chilli Salad are on and will also be in The Earth Diet book being released later this year!

Exercise: A 1 hour workout at Big Al's Family Fitness. I did some core training, abs, and then worked my arms and legs. The ultimate reward: stretching after wards in the sauna! I rode my bike a lot today too :) This is how I choose to get to and from places! I use my own body to get where I want to go ;)

123 days to go!!!


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