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Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 213

Thoughts: Being present. May you live ALL the days of your life.

I say that being present arises when you give up things.

You give up what you know.
You give up what you think.
You give up what you believe.
You give up what feel.
You give up what you sense.
You give up what you recall.
You give up what has been said.
You give up what just happened.
You give up everything.

You give up that you are present...

The totality of my experience is not available to me if I am not present.

Are you trying to get somewhere?

Are you thinking about other things when you are talking to someone?

Are you thinking about the food you are eating, your weight, that you should or should not be eating the particular food, while you are eating?

Challenges: Being present all the time - especially when eating. I live the majority of my life out of default experience - judgmental, anxious, always having to do something, bored, unsatisfied, craving, overeating and wanting more, thinking into the future and wanting to be there, like a machine.

Triumphs: Reminding myself tired is a story. When I call my experience tired, I am disconnected to my experience.

I am certainly experiencing more energy, or a different energy, cleaner, consistent and pure having only eaten raw now for 15 days on the 21 day cleanse created by The Garden Diet

What I Ate Today:

Meal 1: a red apple, 3 nectarines, cherries.

Meal 2: A green juice, cucumber, celery, half a lemon with the peel, a red apple, kale and lettuce.

Meal 3: 2 nectarine.

Meal 4: Almonds

Meal 5: Avocado with walnuts. Hemp seeds wrapped in lettuce.

Exercise: A 45 minute workout at the gym - 30 minutes in a dancing class - oh I love dancing, moving and shaking my body! And 15 minutes working on my abs ;)

152 days to go!!!

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