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Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 211

Thoughts: Consider you are alseep while reading this - thinking about other things you have to do. You are asleep to the present moment. Asleep in the here and now and alive in your head.

Consider you judge, speculate, label and analyze, and have already created your own opinions about this blog so far.

Allow yourself to be present while reading this - even if just for a few minutes. Experience the peace of a quiet and still mind.

Consider that there is no such thing as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There are moments of the day in which you fill up for nutrients and energy to keep your body alive.

The food companies make billions off breakfast. The food companies make billions off lunch. The food companies make billions of dinner. Eat what you want, when you want, if you truly listen to your body it will show you exactly what it needs at that moment to support it's existence.

What is keeping you alive. What is keeping your body alive?

Consider breakfast, lunch and dinner is not good or bad or in between. There is no label put on it, nor is one needed.

How much should I eat? There is no answer I can give you. It is inside of you.

We eat as much as we think we do.

What should I do to prevent cancer?

There is no answer I can give you. It is inside of you, and if you really look - the truth will be there. You will know on a cellular level what is right and what is wrong in the context of preventing cancer.

Consider that you sleep too much.

If your mind is quiet and your thoughts are of love and peace just before you go to sleep, the quality of sleep allows us to awake feeling refreshed and full of energy, ready to power through the day. It also allows us to sleep less hours, freeing up more time for us to do the things we want.

A lot of people assume that because they're feeling tired all day or have a mid afternoon 'slump' that they need more sleep.

Sleeping for too long can damage your circadian rhythm.

When we sleep for a longer time, our body temperature does not rise as fast. This is why we feel sleepy and sluggish in the mornings. The more tired we feel, the less exercise we do. Inactivity keeps the body temperature down so creating a vicious cycle.

The more sleep we have, the less time we stay awake to create our sleep quality for the following night.

Consider your body does not get exposed to sufficient sunlight to lower you melatonin levels, so you stay sleepy throughout the day.

If you believe Jesus existed - I wonder how many hours a night he slept?

Consider that you eat to much.

You don't need as much food as you think you do.

Consider that you move too less.

Consider our functions are set to consume.

Consider that everything you have learned and been taught since your birth about food is false.

Consider that food that has been processed by machines, in boxes and in packages is now dead matter going into your body.

Consider for this moment that:

It is ok to skip a meal.

It is ok to eat fruit as a meal.

It is OK to just drink a smoothie for a meal.

Some would say I ate too many meals today "9?!" and that they high too in fats - there is no right way, no wrong or good or bad. You do what you do.

Consider that you actually do love yourself so deeply, yet you have forgotten how to.

Consider that you want to love yourself unconditionally.

And those around you.

Consider that you can, and you can't - whatever your mind tells you.

Consider that you have final say in what your mind says, speaks, thinks. You are the creator of your life.

I only exist because you are creating me so right now.

Consider that you are asleep. A unconscious machine living in a human body going through the motions of life.

Consider you are still alseep while reading this - still thinking about other things you have to do - even though you reminded yourself above to be present.

I am an unconscious machine living in a human body going through the motions of life. I am only scratching the surface of awakening.

Have you recognized yourself as a machine, your habits, your identity's, your personalities are all an illusion? - keeping you here on earth in human form.

Consider that only once you recognize these things you will experience a peace and lightness that is indescribable - and only for you to experience at cellular level.

All there is, is this, exactly as it is.

You are not one way, you are an energy source always moving.

Have I offended you?

Consider that you are defending something. Something that you think is real, and perhaps not real.

Challenges: What if nothing exists and we're all in somebody's dream?

Triumphs: The cumulative results of eating less and eating better foods is going to reach a critical mass where we will really notice some amazing differences in how we feel and look! - Jinjee talking about the 21 Day Spring Cleanse.

What I Ate Today:

(This is new from today: I don't eat set breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, I eat throughout the day so from now on the structure of my blogs will look like this:

Meal 1 Walnuts.

Meal 2: 2 nectarines.

Meal 3: A green juice! I juiced Kale, Lettuce, Cucumber, A lemon including the peel and a red apple.

Meal 4: A nectarine.

Meal 5: Walnuts.

Meal 6: A avocado with walnuts.

Meal 7: A nectarine

Meal 8: A grapefruit and a salad with mixed lettuce greens, spinach and rocket, with sliced avocado, mandarin, and sesame seeds.

Meal 9: A avocado with walnuts, a cup full of delicious sweet cherries! Some sesame seeds!

Exercise: A walk to the gym, a workout for abs, butt and legs! Working on film set "Squidman", walking, moving, shaking, stretching!

154 days to go!!!


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