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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 82

Thoughts: I ate out tonight with some friends. It's the first time I have eaten out for a while. It's weird to eat out. It's weird for me to have food other than what I make. I can definately taste and feel the difference in the food...the love, nutrience. I'm definately enjoying food in god's packaging. The way the earth gave it to us. I had someone comment on one of my blogs "Everything is from the earth!". Yeah like sure everything is made from the's not like it comes from outer space (or does it!? hehe) I mean uranium is natural from the earth but you don't eat it. In my world what I believe we are suppose to eat as a species is only natural foods from the earth. Why do we pour all tht energy into destoriyng it? The factories, cooking it, adding flavours to's kinda weird...and then again we are a weird species! I look at foods on the shelf now in packages and they look lasts longer on a shelf so a company can make a profit!

Challenges: Before we went to the Thai Restaurant I was like crap what am I going to eat there that has no additives, chemicals, processed sauces or foods?!

Triumphs: Being able to eat at a restaurant and still stick to the Earth Diet! See it is possible! The chicken however I'm sure wasn't organic free range...anything other than that is fed with growth hormones and anti biotics...

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Walnuts and goji berries

Lunch: A salad of green lettuce leaves and avocado and lemon juice and spinach. A beetroot, carrot, celery and ginger juice.

Dinner: Thai salad with minced chicken and lettuce and lemon juice with garlic and ginger and chilli and mint, great combo....! It's awesome to find "Earth Diet" foods at a restaurant.

Dessert: chocolate balls!

Snacks: green apple.

Exercise: Walking around Sydney

283 days to go!!!

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