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Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 69

Thoughts: I ate sooo much fruit today! And I loved it :) Fruit tastes so alive. I was once told that fruit has a lot of sugar and that if we eat a lot of fruit it's too much sugar for us, and it turns into candida (There is an earlier blog about candida). Have you heard of fruitarians???? They are people who only eat fruit! Fruitarianism is the practice endorsed by a very small number of people called fruitarians or fructarians of following a diet that comprises fruits, nuts and seeds, without animal products, vegetables and grains (wikipedia).

There are 9 billions cows on this earth. That's more than people! And check out the in-efficiency of it...1 acre of advocado produced 10,000 pounds of food in a year. 1 acre of bananas produces 24,000 pounds of food a year. 1 acre of cows produces 150 pounds of food a year. CRAZY. So it's 160 more times effecient to have bananas than cows.

Some people whose diet is not 100% fruit consider themselves fruitarian if their diet is 75% or more fruit.[2]

Some fruitarians will eat only what falls (or would fall) naturally from a plant; that is: foods that can be harvested without killing the plant. These foods consist primarily of culinary fruits, nuts, and seeds. According to author Adam Gollner, some fruitarians eat only fallen fruit. Some do not eat grains, believing it is unnatural to do so, and some fruitarians feel that it is improper for humans to eat seeds as they contain future plants, or nuts and seeds, or any foods besides juicy fruits. Others believe they should eat only plants that spread seeds when the plant is eaten. Others eat seeds and some cooked foods. Some fruitarians use the botanical definitions of fruits and consume pulses, such as many beans and peas or legumes, or pulses and legumes. Still further definitions include raw fruits, dried fruits, nuts, honey and olive oil, or fruits, nuts, beans and chocolate.

Motivation of being fruitarian:
Some fruitarians believe fruitarianism was the original diet of humankind in the form of Adam and Eve based on Genesis 1:29. They believe that a return to an Eden-like paradise will require simple living and a holistic approach to health and diet. Some fruitarians wish, like Jainists to avoid killing anything, including plants, and refer to Ahimsa fruitarianism. Some fruitarians say that eating some types of fruit does the parent plant a favor and that fleshy fruit has evolved to be eaten by animals, to achieve seed dispersal.

Interesting hey! Us human beings are so cool, and so funny and so interesting the things we come up with!

Challenges: When eating the fruit my "old" thoughts came in like "I shouldn't be eating all this fruit, it's too sugary, I should keep it simple, it will turn into candida and I will get bloated" and bla bla bla. It's funny how I have a certain thought for a long period of time and when Iam breaking that pattern or that thought, I can feel the pull between the new thought/belief to the old familiar thought/belief.

Triumphs: Looking at fruit in a new way. Eat as much of it as you want! It's all good!

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Glass of lemon water. Nectarine.

Lunch: A feast of fruit! 2 nectarines, a bunch of cherries, lichees, and a pear.

Dinner: A salad with lemon and olive oil dressing with green lettuce and advocado and walnuts. I love the advocado with walnuts.

Dessert: Chocolate balls.

Snacks: No snacks.

Cost: I spent $18 on fruit :) Well worth it!

Recipe: Buy your favourite fruits and eat them!

Exercise: Walking around.

296 Days To Go!!!

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