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Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 76

Behind the scenes of the Lass by Leila Sweeney model shoot!

Thoughts: Loving your body. I used to hate my body and resist it. I would model when I was 17, and I was a size 8 and that still wasn't good enough. I saw myself as fat and ugly. What you resists persists. I resisted and I kept bingeing crap and put on weight and felt gross. I didn't appreciate my body, I never really got how cool it is to have a body, like a full body with ears and eyes and toes and a nose and legs and arms. No one ever told me, appreciate your body, if you didn't have it you wouldn't be moving around. So I took it for granted and completely trashed it with junk food for years. Now I get it's my temple and I am so grateful for it that I fill it with beautiful foods directly from nature with vitamins and nutrients. I want to feel healthy and energetic, sure if you want to feel tired and grumpy and fat then fill it with crap. It's that simple, if you want to feel good, eat good. If you want to feel crap, eat crap. I absolutely am in love with my body!!!

Challenges: Today I was feeling more tired and "weighed down" than usual. My old way of being would be too binge on lollies and chocolate, artifical sugars and chemicals to bring me up, thinking that the more I ate the more energy I would get. Today I got that it's not about the food, I was feeling bogged down because I was letting things build up, I had comitted to things that I kept putting off and it was affecting my energy. I find that the more I run from things, I don't actually leave them behind, they catch up and drain my energy and vitality....

Triumphs: So instead of eating more I dealt with what I had to do, and felt lighter and free. Facing stuff, the truth sets me free. In the past I would eat sooo much junk to escape from it, only to deal with the "eating way too much" thing later on, on top of the pile of other stuff.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: 3 organic nectarines. Organic green grapes. Deviness.

Lunch: a beetroot, carrot, celery, ginger and pineapple juice. 1 avocado.

Dinner: A salad with green lettuce leafs and spinach with avocado and olive oil and lemon dressing

Dessert: some goji berries and macadamia nuts

Snacks: no snacks

Cost: I love eating necatrines for $2 each! Fit for a king.

Exercise: 90 minute Bikram yoga and holding poses for an afternoon! Yes modelling is counted as a work out! Hehe!

289 Days To Go!!!

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