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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 79

Thoughts: Eating consciously. Wow I found this beautiful piece on the internet about eating conscious.

God is. God is Love. I am Love. I am God. Everything is God. I bless the food I ingest because it is all God. I bless God within me. I bless God in everything I see, smell, feel, taste, touch, sense. Ingestion of God in full Consciousness creates expansion in my Consciousness at every level of my Being. If I hold the food I eat in the highest vibration, that high vibration is what I take in. As I drink water, I hold the Consciousness of taking the Living Waters of God Consciousness into myself, thus creating greater God Consciousness within myself.

Eating Consciously is not about the act of filling our stomachs. As I bless the food, and those who have lovingly prepared it, I am aware that the entire universe supports my existence. I experience the Miracle of Oneness. I feel no separation in Consciousness. Everything in form and formlessness are connected in the circle of Consciousness which supports Life. I am part of this flow. The glue which holds this all together is Love. If I eat in full Consciousness, I ingest Love, I ingest Source in every bite. This nourishes me not only in my physical body, but in all of my bodies, planes, and cells. I give thanks unceasingly as I eat. When I have completed a meal, I pray that all Beings experience the Truth of their Being as God. My mealtime experience is thus quite different when I eat Consciously.

Challenges: Being conscious when I eat EVERYTIME. I forget and can easily slip back into eating just for the sake of it.

Triumphs: It makes me so happy to be able to go to the internet and find such beautiful articles written by someone out there. Mmmm appreciation.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Two Boiled eggs.

Lunch: Apple. Pear.

Dinner:Avocado with olive oil and lemon. Macadamia nuts, goji berries, and chocolate balls :)))

Dessert: No dessert.

Snacks: No snacks.

Recipe: Chocolate balls. Mix cocoa with agave syrup and nut meal and whole nuts.

Exercise: Pump class. (A gym class with weights and music!)

286 Days to go!!!

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