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Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 75

Thoughts: Today I had the best nectarines I have EVER tasted! I went to the organic supermarket and asked the food to call out to me. Might sound a little crazy hehe, try it next time you go, go to the apples and connect with them (think of Avatar hehe) and attract the apple that will provide you the most love and nutrients to you! It's so much fun, and it's just a game right :) Have a relationship with food and thank it for providing you with life!

Peaches and nectarines provide very good sources of carotenes, potassium, flavonoids, and natural sugars. They are good sources of lycopene and lutein. Lutein gives the red, orange, and yellow colors to fruits and vegetables. These phytochemicals are especially beneficial in the prevention of heart disease, macular degeneration, and cancer.

Challenges: No challenges today :)

Triumphs: Eating the most amazing nectarines I have ever had and thanking them for being alive!!!

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Juice, beetroot, carrot, celery, ginger, pineapple.

Lunch: organic grapes. They are the best! I remember eating grapes like this off a vine when I was younger and haven't tasted ones like it since because I have only ever eaten supermarket grapes after that. When I held the organic grapes up they look like they came right off the tree, compared to the plump supermarket ones that look like they came right from the factory. 4 Necatarines and chocolate balls.

Dinner: Salad with avocado, lettuce, spinach and olive oil and lemon dressing.

Dessert: No dessert.

Snacks: No Snacks.

Cost: the nectarines from the organic store are $2 each compared to the supermarket which is around 40 cents each. And the organic nectarines were the best I have ever tasted! MMMM I felt like a queen eating them, so sweet and delicious ;)

Exercise: a run on the beach, a swim in the ocean and I went for a skateboard along the beach front. MMMM life is sweet ;)

290 Days To Go!!!

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