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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 9

Thoughts: Garlic, garlic, garlic!!! A suggestion by my beautiful friend and Earth Queen Elisha Yarington "If you want to flush your guts out and feel totally alive, well get into the garlic. Adam, my older brother has it whole, swallows it down every morning, it’s a miracle food. It kills all bad bacteria in your stomach and intestines." So guess what I did this morning? Swallowed half a clove of garlic. If your afraid of having garlic breath, then swallowing it whole doesn't leave the smell in your mouth as much as chewing it. So I swallowed a white garlic clove. And then I remembered my Aunty told me that white garlic is actually bleached and that if you grow your own garlic you will find it comes out of the ground purple! So why is it bleached??? So I did some research and apparantely if you are buying white garlic, you could be buying imported garlic from China and 'sometimes you're even getting last year's crop'. It may have been picked and cool-stored, treated with growth inhibitors to stop it sprouting on the shelf, bleached with chlorine to make it look white and healthy, and has by law been fumigated with methyl bromide to kill bugs and plant matter. Ewwww! Do you want this in your body??? Then I read that some garlic growers use raw human sewage to fertilise their crops! So thats enough to convince me to only buy organic purple garlic!

Garlic is a mircale food. According to the seventeenth-century herbalist Nicholas Culpeper, garlic is "a remedy for all diseases and hurts...It is a good preservative against and a remedy for any plague, sore or foul ulcer, takes away spots and blemishes in the skin, eases pains in the ears...It is also held good in the jaundice, cramps, convulsions..." Garlic contains sulphur, which helps cleanse the liver and is also believed to inhibit the growth of tumors. Garlic is also renowned for its beneficial effects on the heart and the circulation. It can reduce high blood pressure. The cleansing powers of garlic are formidable. It is an age-old remedy for parasites in the stomach and intestines. It is excellent for clearing respiratory ailments and is a decongestant, making it very helpful in cases of catarrh, bronchitis and asthma. It is also an unusually effective cleanser and toner of the liver. it builds up high levels of resistance to infection within the immune system. It is antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic, as well as antibiotic. This should make it a vital part of your diet at all times, but especially when you are feeling under the weather. If you take garlic in large quantities, for example, when you feel the onset of a cold, you can often fight it off before it takes a real hold. Garlic is best eaten raw or baked whole in the oven. If frying garlic do not allow to go brown. If you want to read more on garlic then check out the link I have suggested!

Challenges: I decided today that I may have a few days break of peanuts, I have been pooping yellow poos. I think its because of the peanuts. Well I have had them everyday. And actually today I was wondering about brown sugar, soy sauce and olive oil. Because it all comes from the earth, (obviously everything comes from the earth, it's not like something was dropped from outta space, but actually 'born' from earth) but obviously olive oil and soy sauce come in bottles and are created using machinary. Brown sugar comes from the cane, I wonder just how good it is for you? Was everything put on this earth for us to eat, consume and use for medicines and healings? Everything in moderation surely? This is definately something I will consult with my earth queen byron bay bred friend Elisha! hehe!

wowwwwwwww it's so amazing still to me that this is the longest I have ever been in 5 years without sugar, processed foods and chocolate! And it's not even a big deal. Bryan acknowledged me tonight and said how it's probably because I'm playing a big game now, making it for 365 days whereas previous I would try for 7 days to be completely earthy healthy and it just didn't work! I ended up bingeing!

Foods I Ate Today:

Breakfast: a handfull of peanuts in a shell wrapped in 2 eggs cooked in olive oil yummm yummm!

Lunch: apple, advocado. I got something extraordinary, that when I was 8 years old, my favourite food was advocado and I would take a whole advocado to school, and I would take a knife to cut it and a spoon to scoop it and eat it. One day at school (Gillen Primary school in Alice Springs) I was happily chilling sitting eating my advocado and some kids eating their mini nutellas started teasing me saying 'ewww whats that?' 'That looks gross' and I made it mean that I was weird and gross. I never took an advocado to school again. So today was the first day in many years to be in love with my full advocado again! hehe it's funny what we do as kids!

Dinner: Tonight I cooked for my sister and a family of four! They were probably worried about what I would make then after I told them about my Earth Diet! haha! steamed sweet corn (it actually tastes sweeter and better raw!)with rice, steamed brocoli and beans and a peanut satay sauce. To be honest I make the best peanut satay sauce ever! Hehe! The recipe for it is below!

Dessert: No dessert

Snacks: No snacks

Recipe: Earth Peanut Satay Sauce! I put this over rice and steamed veggies, its also good over chicken if you eat meat! Recipe for 2 people. So buy a bag of peanuts in a shell. Take them peanuts out of the shell (this is fun and I made a huge mess, my sister is waiting for me to clean my mess up!haha!), blend the peanuts in a blender until you have a smooth crunchy paste, like earthy peanut butter! You want to make 1/4 cup. Add the peanut paste (you can also buy organic natural peanut butter at health food shops and the supermarkets, just look at the ingredients and make sure all it says is :peanuts.), then add 1/4 water, 1/4 coconut milk (buy a real coconut and poke a hole at the top and shake the coconut and a clear liquid will come out, this is also really good to drink!), add 2 teaspoons soy sauce and two teaspoons of brown sugar, 1 clove of garlic chopped and crushed, and a teaspoon of lemon or lime juice (yes from a real lemon and lime!). Whisk it all together with a fork, pour into a saucepan, then on low heat allow it to bubble until the sauce thickens. Mmmmm!

Cost: I spent $14.80 on dinner.$5 for the peanuts, $2 for the coconut, 80 cents for the lemon, $4 for corn, $3 beans

Exercise: 1 hour bush walk with a crazy beautiful dog! hehe

356 days to go!!!

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