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Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 33

Australian model Tiffany Hall has taken on the Earth Diet.

Thoughts: My friend Tiffany shared with me last night that she has taken on the Earth Diet! Here's what she wrote:

Tiffany Thoughts: When Liana first told me about the earth diet I thought she was completely nuts! I started following the blogs when the post about the chocolate caught my attention, that same day I made the chocolate, it was awesome! So I trawled through her previous blogs looking for other potentially good recipes, as I read more and more I found myself inspired by her spirit and her love for the Earth.
I saw a movie once that referred to the human race as a plague, and to some extent its true. We move into an area, consume all the natural resources, and when there is nothing left, we move on and do it all again. The worst part is, we are all to some degree aware of this, we just simply find it easier to ignore it and consume our time with our own petty problems like that parking ticket we got yesterday then to face the real issue that is bigger than one individual, the fact that we are slowly destroying this planet that we rely on for life. I Know I’m rambling but it brings me to why I am doing the Earth Diet. I want to feel less like a part of a massive plague, mindlessly consuming everything in its way and more like a human being, in harmony with the rest of the creatures of this planet.
Tiffany Challenges: Okay so I’m doing the earth diet until the New Year and then if it’s all going well from there I will do the full year. The first challenge is that I’ll be doing the Earth Diet over my birthday and Christmas which means no birthday cake, alcohol, Christmas trifle, Rum balls, Cheese... the list goes on, basically everything I used to love about Christmas. As much as this is going to be challenging to resist the temptations it will also be liberating to know that I have the will power to control what I put into my body, I also won’t feel bloated, fat and lethargic at one of my favourite times of year. I will have to be organised and plan ahead, as I can’t afford to be skipping meals. And lastly I have to make sure my diet is nutritionally balanced, that I eat plenty of protein, iron and that I keep my diet varied so I don’t get bored.
Tiffany Triumphs: Well I’m only on day 4 (YAY!!!) and so far I’m loving every second of it. The food is awesome! I’ve been eating heaps of fresh fruits, vegies, fish, nuts, seeds, oats, and chocolate... lots of chocolate. The best thing was tonight, I was having a snack in the car at a fuel station, the best peach I have ever eaten, it was sweet, soft and SOOOO juicy, anyway some people walked out with some magnum ice creams, Normally I would have really wanted the magnum, but I found myself thinking that those poor people are missing out on something really special and that I wouldn’t have traded my lovely peach for anything.

No more of this food for Tiffany while she's on the Earth Diet!
(Tiffany)What I have been eating:

Breakfast: ½ cup of lovely oats cooking in water with any of the following, and a fresh peach
-raspberries or strawberries
-honey and almonds
-sultanas and cinnamon
-Cooked or fresh Apple pieces sometimes with cinnamon
- Or just the oats on their own
Lunch:Today it was baked fish seasoned with salt pepper and oregano, with raw corn on the cob and a whole heap of peas. Also omelettes with herbed mushrooms and baby spinach , broccoli stir fried with  honey and sesame, and carrot salad with dukkah (a lovely blend of seeds nuts and spices).   
Dinner: Today was ½ cup oats with cooked apple pieces and a peach. On other days mashed mangoes that have been frozen (kind of like sorbet) with chopped fresh fruit and almonds, basically anything light as I don’t like to eat a large meal too close to bed time.
Dessert: Homemade chocolate, I have made it my own to a degree, Its is still very similar to liana’s recipe just tweaked it a bit to my tastes
1. Cocoa ½ cup      
2. Water to make a pouring consistency
3. 1 heaped teaspoon Natural peanut butter from the squasher machine at the health food shop
4. 1 teaspoon Olive oil
5. As I don’t have Agave I use honey at the moment but just until it’s as sweet as you like it
Mix all the ingredients together, I make mine pouring consistency and put it into a container lined with glad wrap (which I reuse) and freeze it, then slice it up into squares when it’s almost set, pop it back into the freezer until they are hard, then peel off the glad wrap and break the chocolate up into the squares. Leave in the freezer until you want one... or 7
Tiffany Exercise: Although this doesn’t really have anything to do with my earth diet, I thought it important to encourage everyone to get outside and do exercise in nature. Not only is it a better workout because you have natural variables like hills and surface changes its also better for the environment. Gyms are nice to workout in because of the air conditioning, and ease of jumping on a treadmill. But I shudder to think of the energy consumption of gym when you consider you could do the same workout, if not better out in nature.  
To summarise earth diet = AWSOMENESS!

Wow Tiffany! You are on to it, and I especially love what you wrote about Christmas and your birthday how it will be "challenging to resist the temptations AND it will also be liberating to know that I have the will power to control what I put into my body, I also won’t feel bloated, fat and lethargic at one of my favourite times of year." I wonder how many people are waiting to get healthy...thinking 'I will get healthy after Christmas, after the fetive season'. And like Tiffany this will be the first fetive season that I will enjoy chemical free :))))

Thoughts: My thoughts go to how wonderful Tiffany is!

Challenges: The taste of too much raw broccoli in my mouth! hahaaaa

Triumphs: It makes me so happy that other people like Tiffany are committed to their health and the health of their earth! Love it!!!

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Beetroot, organge, carrot, celery, ginger and apple juice. Goji berries.

Lunch: a pear, boiled egg

Dinner: Raw broccoli and carrot

Dessert: chocolate balls and goji berries

Snacks: a green apple

Exercise: A night swim in the ocean...mmm the best!

333 days to go!!!

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