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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 29

Thoughts: You know when you read the back of the ingredients list on what ever your eating (and if you don't you should! Get present to what you are putting into your mouth!) and you see all these numbers and words you cannot pronounce....well stay away from them! It's kinda like they are introducing all these new words and chemicals. I don't even know what most of them are or mean! Here's a list of some (thanks to Carolyn Wagner) to stay away from!

E500 Sodium bicarbonate
E535 Sodium ferrocyanide
E536 Potassium ferrocyanide
E538 Calcium ferrocyanide
E542 Bone phosphate
E550 Sodium silicate
E551 Silicon dioxide
E552 Calcium silicate
E553a Magnesium trisilicate
E553b Talcum powder
E554 Sodium aluminosilicate
E555 Potassium aluminium silicate
E556 Calcium aluminosilicate
E558 Bentonite
E559 Aluminium silicate
E570 Stearic acid
E900 Polydimethylsiloxane
E542 BONE phosphat eewwwww!

Challenges: no challenges today!!!!

Triumphs: day 29 on only whole and natural earth foods wooooo!

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: beetroot, carrot, apple, way too much ginger and celery juice, chocolate balls, potatoes painted with olive oil cooked in the oven

Lunch: a pear, a boiled egg, raw snow peas

Dinner: Leftovers from last night's "Garden Feast" by Steph!

Dessert: no dessert

Snacks: Chocolate balls, gogji berries, macadamia nuts

Recipe: Chocolate balls, and you can get creative and add all sorts of fruits and nuts in it ;) Today the recipe went like this:
1. Add cocoa powder, agave syrup, water and hazenut meal to a bowl and mix
2. Roll into balls and eat!
This recipe is totally raw and organic and an energy food!

Cost: $20.30 to buy the ingredients for the chocolate balls. $4.30 for the hazelnut meal, $7 for Agave syrup and $9 for cocao powder. This will make a lot of balls that you can keep in your freezer and eat over a few days!

Exercise: 30 minutes run on the beach and swim in the ocean at Surfers Paradise! mmmm

337 days to go!

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