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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 13

Thoughts: After a beautiful walk through the botanical gardens and refreshing yoga, my friend Lauryn said 'if you love yourself, you don't feel like eating crap'. Thats so true! If you are in love with you, your body and who you are being there is no way you want to shove crappy food into your body, and lets get realistic, deep down you know what foods are 'good' for you and what foods are 'bad' for you. And why do we do this? To punish ourselves because we have a deep imprint of 'I'm not good enough','I can't do it','I do not deserve to feel good all the time', or even 'I don't deserve to live and I will punish my body'. When you really look into why you trash your body, you will find what thought patterns are having you repeat it! So to love yourself, generate a deep empowering feeling of appreciation for being alive, go for a walk, push yourself to do something each day that will have you declare that you love yourself! I like to treat my self to a movie, a walk, exercise, and to not take life so seriously. Because really its not so serious, I am just a teeny little dot exisiting on a teeny earth in a huge, massive, giganti universe! So I am totally in love with me!

Ok another thing, today when I was in the supermarket I went to buy a lemon and all they had was SEEDLESS lemons! Whaaaa? I got a bit upset actually because I have an expectation for lemons that they have seeds, and that human beings were tampering with the lemons to make them seddless. And why??? Why would you want a seedless lemon? It's unatural!

And Oh check out the photo below! I was walking today with Yaron and Lauryn and we saw this truck delivering kebab meet to the kebab shop. The meat is frozen, is processed to the max and rolled in big plastic cylinders! It looked so gross to see it in bulk and just chillin under the boxes! I mean ewww I an imagine the factorys where this meat is produced and I bet its not all quality meat, they could just fill it with anything and we would have no idea! I bet you don't think of this when you eat a kebab from the store. Lauryn said she will never eat a kebab again! hahaaa!

Challenges: Today is the day that I would usually binge. I think my body is freaking out, I haven't had processed sugars or foods, chemicals or additives for 13 days, its like 'ahhh where is the big dump pile of sugar?'. Today my body felt anxious and nervy, I would usually dive for the chocolate when I experience this as it calms me down for a moment, and then only to make me even racier after! But I didn't give in today. I had thoughts of "oh shoot why didn't I at least make it so that I could have a 'treat' once a month to cookies and cake and chocolate and lollies and processed foods!". My body really craved artificialness today, it really craved sugar, and proccessed foods. I had a healthy sushi dinner, and I scoffed it down because in the background I had thoughts going 'I really want to eat nutella, and coldrock, and nandos, and chips mmmm', so I didn't get to enjoy my sushi! So after dinner I put a chewing gum in my mouth, it was very sweet, and the first time in 13 days that I had something artifical in my mouth, i experienced tasting the chemicals, and unnaturalness of it! And I thought 'hang on a minute, I know im not actually swallowing the chewing gum, but still I have put something artifical in my mouth that is not born from the earth at all!'. And I kept chewing for another couple of minutes really enjoying the sensation of the artifical sweetness and then I got that I was letting my chemical addiction win! It was having what it wanted, chemicals and a man made processed peice of sweet plastic! So I spat it out into the bin! You can count on me for not eating chewing gum again for the next 352 days of my challenge! AND i really saw how my mind can trick me into having a piece of gum! Like before my mind would trick me into having another chocolate, 'Go on, you deserve it, you work hard, you will work it off at the gym later, its not that bad for you, your not even fat anyways'. haaa the mind is sooo hilarious, so tricky, so tactful, so needy!

Triumphs: I am looking forward to making my own chocolate though out of cocoa beans and agrave syrup. Real wholesome chocolate made from scratch! It's something to look forward to!

What I ate today:

Breakfast: 1 boiled egg and a green apple.

Lunch: (from the perricone diet) Chicken breast and garlic with salad, green lettuce, strawberries, rockmelon drissled in olive oil and lemon.

Dinner: sushi, rice and advocado and seaweed. Edamame (soya beans!), they are amazing and full of protein! You can buy them from Asian stores and supermarkets. (recipe to make your own homemade sushi is on one of my earlier blogs)

Dessert: no dessert

Snacks: strawberries

Recipes: Garlic chicken salad! mmmm I had the best breakfast! Full of protein and I felt wholesome and fufiled after I ate it! Ingredients: chopped garlic clove, chicken breast (salmon is also awesome here!), strawberries, rockmelon, one lemon to squeeze, olive oil (you can also add bluberries!) Fry the chicken breast and garlic together in olive oil. Prepare sald, chop the fruit etc. Add the chicken breast to the salad. Drizzle with olive oil and finish with a squeez of lemon juice (from a real lemon, not a bottle!)

Cost: Lunch: chicken breast organic free range $10.80 for 2 breasts, $1.48 for green lettuce, $4 for strawberries, $1.79 for half a rockmelon, 80 cents for a lemon, garlic 40 cents, already had olive oil. And remember you don't use the whole punnet of strawberries or rockmelon or lettuce or chicken on one luch (unless your ultra hungy go for it!) but you can save it for another lunch! Total lunch: (I halved the ingredients cost) $9.63

30 minute walk with my friend Lauryn and then yoga in the park! Lauryn had scoliosis when she was younger and since doing yoga Lauryn now has a beautiful strong and straight spine! This is a photo of Lauryn and I after yoga feeling peaced out! haha I look a bit peaceful dopey actually!

352 days to go!!!

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