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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 17

Thoughts: Today I went to visit my nanna's husband in hospital. Laurie has throat cancer and has just finished a full on 7 week chemo and radiation dose..sheeshh...his small body didn't handle all the chemicals so well and it almost killed him. He was looking better today, and was looking forward to getting out of hospital and going home and going on a holiday with my nanna and their dog Molly. He hasn't been able to eat so the hospital have him on these drinks that are apparantely full of all the vitamins and minerals he needs to keep him alive. I took a photo of Laurie with it, he hates the taste! Being in the hospital today, I really got present to how fortunate I am, that I am alive and healthy, and it's amazing that I have 2 eyes, and I have legs that carry me around the world, and two arms that can paddle me out to sea on my surf board. It really is amazing. And I am filled with gratitude once again. I got today that I will not die of cancer, that I will not (I just got dejavu right then!) allow that into my body, I will not create it, I will die healthy and vibrant at someplace that I love, not a hospital full of sick and dying people. I also learnt that I am so lucky to have the food I have, and how once I developed an appreciation to beautiful wholesome foods, my digestive system actually works now, I feel more peaceful, more balanced amd relaxed and more in love with me and my body!

Check out the chemicals that the doctors were feeding to Laurie, it makes me upset and a bit angry, but the sad thing is that these chemicals were actually keeping him alive. Humans CAN actually function on chemicals these days...we are toxic...but are we really alive if we are toxic?

THE IMPACT OF CEHMICALS ON THE BODY in "Chemical Free Kids" a book by my friend Eddie Kachab says that the leading cause of death and illnesses in the 'deveolped' world are due to lifestyle diseases, resulting from the choices people are making and the toxic environment that we have created and are living in. Exposure to these chemicals found has been linked to a range of diseases on the rise. These include immune diseases - asthma, allergies, autoimmune diseases, several cancers and a broad range of reproductive problems, including birth defects. Exposure to toxic chemicals have been linked with higher rates of intellectual impairment. Other symptoms may also include ; fatigue, malaise, headache, dizziness,burning sensations, and breathlessness. Ewwww yuk! None of those sound appealing to me and I don't want them in my life, and that's my motivation to cut chemicals from my diet! wooo hooo!

For more information check out or join the group

Challenges: I am really craving cookies and lollies and chocolates! mmmm. I used to make the best organic chocolate chip cookies, but I used flour and butter, so I am searching for a vegan recipe perhaps that doesn't use butter. And once I master how to make my own chocolate, oh mmm my body is looking forward to it!

Triumphs: I still can't believe that I have not had chocolate for 17 days, or lollies, or caks, or cookies...sheesh! Amazing! I am feeling stronger, and healthier and leaner!

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: two scrambled eggs in olive oil

Lunch: A free range organic chicken fillet cooked in olive oil with advocado mmmm I love the mushy-ness with the chicken-ess!

Dinner: More chicken, more protein! (my body is loving the protein!) so chicken breast with rice and a tomato basil sauce mmm mmm! recipe below ;)

Dessert: the sweetest yummiest rockmelon ever!!!

Snacks: cherries and green grapes...mmm natural sugar hit!

Cost: $7.31 chicken thigh fillets (4), cherries and grapes $4, tomato paste $1.31, advocado $2, fresh basil $2, egg plant $1.84, zucchini 83 cents, tomato 37 cents, onion 37 cents = $16.03 served two TOTAL DINNER per person = $8!!! I also bought organic toothpaste and soap today to reduce the chemicals being put on my body, toothpast has no flouride and is $6.95 and organic soap was $2.95.

Recipe: I was so happy when I cooked tonight, because before the Earth Diet my favourite all time meal was Tikka Masala from a jar, and I would add veggies to it but use the Tikka Masala as a base. Tikka Masala is tomatoey but also has preservatives and chemicals like vegetable oil, sugar, maize starch, acetic acid (anything with the word acid doesn't sound very appealing!), paprika extract, lactic acid and desiccated coconut. So tonight I made my very own Tikka Masala from scratch and mmm it was so good! So no more Tikka from the jar for me! woot!

Free range organic chicken breast
cooked rice
you can also use tomatoe paste, it comes from a jar, but buy organic and it has so additives or preservatives
brown onion
garlic mmmm
fresh basil
fresh corriander

1. Fry onion and garlic in olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil until golden. 2. Add tomatoes/and or tomato paste. 3. chop egg plant and zuccinni into cubes. Add to tomato sauce pot. 4. Start cooking your chicken in a separate fry pan. 5. add fresh herbs, corriander, basil, add some paprika. Get creative and keep adding until you love the flavour! 6. Let the tomato sauce simmer, add coconut milk (from a real coconut not a can) if you wish, or some water. 7. Once chicken is cooked serve with rice and top with your home made Tikka Masala sauce! 8. Yell whoooooohooooo!

Exercise: 15 minutes running in the gym, 10 minutes arm weights and ab exercises ;) then I walked up 390 stairs...wooooshhhh!

348 days to go!


    Your dinners are look so good honey!


  2. That's the same stuff they are feeding my nanna. She loves the strawberry flavoured one. But as you said it does suck the amount of chemicals that are in it to help them function.