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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 20

Thoughts: If you can't eat it, don't put it on your body. Would you eat your shampoo? lick your deoderant stick or spray it in your mouth? Would you gulp down your moisturiser? Swallow your toothpaste? Drink your perfume? No! Why? Because they are toxic and would taste gross! But when you use these products you are still actually consuming them into your body. Your body soaks them in, absorbing the chemicals into your bloodstream and your organs.

I have reduced the chemicals I put on my body. This is what I am doing so far:
1. I use lemon as deoderant, and some days If i know I will be out and social I use organic deoderant which is aluminum free
2. I use organic face wash made from oats and honey
3. I use face moisturiser made from olive oil and lemon myrtle
4. I don't use skin moisturiser
5. I use organic sunscreen. My beautiful earth friend Elisha reccomended using extra virgin coconut oil! Now that is totally natural!
6. I use organic toothpaste which contains no fluoride and no sodium lauryl sulphate. You can also use lemon as toothpaste!
7. On the days that I wear make up I use mineral makeup. Obviously if I am doing a model shoot I wear what ever makeup the makeup artists uses.
8. I only spray perfume on my clothes, not my skin!

What do you do?

You don't have to change your life dramatically, just change up a few things you use and help your body be healthier and chemical-less!

Apparantely we have become smelly creatures! And that without chemicals in our bodies making us smelly, we wouldn't need toothpaste, deoderant, our skin wouldn't be dry so we wouldn't need moisterisers, without chemicals our skin would not age so there would be no need for "firming" creams, our poops wouldn't smell, oh get this, my good friends Craig and Steph (couple) they are so healthy, and they say that when they poo in the morning, the poo smells like the food they ate the night before, not toxic and potent! Also their breath doesn't smell (bad breath is a sign of toxic unhealthy bowels! We think it is normal to smell, but actually its not! So they enjoy a pash fest first thing in the morning! haaaaaa

We forget how many chemicals we consume everyday.

If you want to read about chemicals and really get some inside info to what chemicals they use in what products, and the effects it has on you, then check out or go to

Challenges: I went to the movies tonight and it was the first time that I did not buy a choc top or lollies or pop corn! It was challenging and I sat down in my seat and thought "where are my lollies?" haha I am so used to having them! But....

Triumphs: ...I did make my own chocolate (cocoa beans, water, olive oil and Agave syrup) and mixed in some almonds so I ate that instead!

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: peanut butter (pure crushed peanuts, you can blend them yourself or go to your organic store and put them through a squisher!

Lunch: one organic free range chicken breast, advocado

Dinner: my homemade patties made of goodness! Recipe below! Patties with potato, carrot, ginger, garlic, egg plant, zucchini, oats, egg, with a homemade tomato sauce.

Dessert: my homemade chocolate with roasted almonds! I roasted the almonds in the oven and then mixed them into the chocolate! Recipe for homemade chocolate is in 2 blogs previous.

Snacks: handfull of sunflower seeds

Cost: oats $3.50, almonds $3, tomatoes 90 cents, free range eggs $5, carrots 70 cents, potatoes $1.50. Had all the other ingredients at home.

Recipe: Ingredients for patties:
1. Potatoes
2. garlic
3. ginger
4. carrot
5. zuchinni
6. egg plant
7. eggs
9. brown onion
10. oats

Directions: (remember use your natural human instinct and create your own measurements)
1. Chop garlic, brown onion and ginger finely and put into a bowl
2. Grate all the other vegetables and add oats and mix in a bowl.
3. Add egg so that the mixture is sticky. Mix it.

4. Roll into hamburger patties and fry in olive oil, virgin coconut oil or bake in an oven.
5. Cook on slow heat from the inside out. They are ready when they are golden and crisp on the outside.
6. Serve with homemade egg plant and tomato sauce, or if you eat bread (I am not eating bread as it is not in this Earth Diet) serve it as a hamburger, I used lettuce leaves as a bread alternative!

Ingredients for egg plant tomato sauce:
1. Tomatoes
2. Tomato paste if you want to use it get organic and no added anythings
3. chopped egg plant
4. chopped garlic
5. chopped brown onion
6. fresh basil

1. Fry onion and garlic until golden brown.
2. Add eggplant. Fry until golden.
3. Add tomatoes and tomato paste.
4. Break fresh basil leaves and add to pot.
5. Add some water if you want a runny consistency.
6. Bring to the boil and then simmer for 15 minutes.
7. Serve with your patties! mmmm mmmm mmmm!

Exercise: 20 minutes walk to the cinema and 20 minutes back from the cinema. (watched a christmas carol with Jim Carey in 3d! Amazing. Loved the quote "He was his word, and more".

346 days to go!


  1. Yum yum.. I am deffinantly going to make these patties, they look delish.

    Good on you for getting rid of all those toxins. Use Aloe Vera for moisturiser, works FANTASTIC, better than any $120 cream. It make feel sticky at first, but doesnt take long to sink into your body. Absorbs very easy as it is natural. Also i use coconut oil as a moisturisers and an overnight leave in conditioner treatment:)Indians do it and thats why their hai is so long! hehehe rub it into your scalp, leave in overnight, wash out in the morn. There are so many uses fo coconut oil.. cooking, sunscreen, moisturiser, hair treatment!

    Also, i use a crystal stick for deoderant. Have you heard of them? They have been around for ages.

    Love you beautiful earthling


  2. oh yes aloe vera!!! what a great idea! coconut has so many uses hey! I must write a blog on coconuts inspired by earthling elisha! hehe and yes I have used a crystal stick before! I was travelling around the world at the time, and perhaps a bit toxic and smelly so my travelling buddy requested i use proper deoderant! heheh! does it work for you? xo