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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 209

Thoughts: Neural pathways. We all have them. Whether you are aware of them or not, they are there. A neural pathway, or neural tract, connects one part of the nervous system, most notably the brain. Clusters of neurons can work together to create a memory, belief or a learned behavior. When neurons are connected in this way, they are referred to as a neural pathway. The brain continues to build new neural pathways throughout our whole lives, as long as we require our brains to perform new functions such as learning a new language or a new motor skill.

The human brain consists of some 10 billion interconnected nerve cells with innumerable extensions. This interlacing of nerve fibers and their junctions allows a nerve impulse to follow any of a virtually unlimited number of pathways. The effect is to give humans a seemingly infinite variety of responses to sensory input, which may depend upon experience, mood, or any of numerous other factors.

Creation of a "Comfort Food"

Patrick Glancy gives this example, Neural pathways are created when we experience life events. But, experience itself is not necessarily the issue, it is the unique perspective of the experience is. A child exposed to arguing parents may be just as troubled as the child who is neglected or abused. A neural pathway can be created that is a 'belief of self'. This is something that could make the child feel sad, alone, or 'less than' other people around them. While this pathway can be changed by other, more positive experiences, it often remains a part of this person's perception. Repetition of these experiences will reinforce the pathway.

For example, the same child has her eight year old birthday party. Both of her parents and her brother are there and happy. She feels a mixture of happy, joy, and love. These strong good feelings are a unique part of this experience, along with the ice cream. Her young mind creates a neural pathway that associates ice cream with a release of the neuropeptides that contain these positive emotions. Over the following years, the repetition of her birthdays, as well as friend's birthdays, reinforces this pathway. When she has ice cream, this neural pathway automatically responds with the release of the associated neuropeptides for the good feeling.

This example is about food. But, you can apply this model to any behavior or habit there is. Not every behavior has both a positive and negative motivator, though many do. Having both makes the behavior more difficult to 'break'. In some cases there is not an emotional component to a behavior. Like the previous example of locking your car door. This is sometimes seen in snacking, the reaching part of the smoking habit (when the smoker reaches for where they used to keep cigarettes without experiencing a craving to smoke) and habits like tongue thrusts, jaw clenching, and picking.

It is possible to re-programm your neural pathways as my great friend Jonathan Stone has experienced, "Ive had a realization in the past few days. It all started a month ago when I woke up with a sense of a no care attitude. I started to not worry about anything, money, relationships, career, I mean anything. I was care free. I had pure freedom. As my trainer said my brain had to create new neural pathways for me to come into this new perception of life. But by creating a no care attitude I then unconsciously created boredom. In quantum physics and in Buddhism they reason that everything is connected and one, and that all possible realities exist. As the universe is infinite, whatever thought we think of manifests with continual use of focus. So nothing is impossible for me. I know all that needs to be known as every possible reality exists. By continually focusing on a certain reality, I bring it into my own existence. So technically speaking for example... I'm already married to you, divorced, had kids, millionaire, famous actor, drug abuser whatever the human mind can imagine it already exists as a possible reality. I have accomplished everything as everything exists as a possible reality. The reason why we come back into this life is to forget what we already know (that we are unlimited and that we have unlimited knowledge and experiences) then start from scratch and find meaning in our lives. As Landmark says there is no meaning in life, we give it meaning. If you know everything, then there is no meaning as life would become boring. Its not about the destination, but the journey in self discovery.

Recently I have become bored with life as I know that every reality I ever wanted exists. The only challenges I have are the ones I give myself. Whatever I imagine like flying like superman to inventing unbelievable inventions all exist, I just need to hold my focus on it and it will come in line with my own reality. I now wish to forget everything again as it has become too easy and boring. I am still continuing with my projects as my life still needs focus, but nothing fears me. I am unlimited. Any knowledge I ever wanted exists, I just need to focus on it then I will know it. Universal consciousness is like a library or better yet the neural connections in the brain. If you want a particular knowledge or life experience, you just need to choose the right book or neural pathway. By realizing that I have everything I ever wanted, you come to a point that you don't need to learn anything or experience anything because you already have in the unlimited possibilities that exist. I now look forward to inspiring ones to open there minds to what awaits them. There are no more challenges as I have experienced every unlimited challenge in this universe. Next time if I decide to come back, I will have to give myself greater challenges and start over again by knowing nothing then learn over again that you don't need to learn as you already know everything as you are unlimited. Hopefully you understand my thinking. I am finally free and unlimited. Nothing is impossible as it already exists, I just need to bring it into my own reality. Have an AWESOME magical day today. With unlimited love. Your fellow universal earth child, the entity known as Jonathan Stone".

Jonathan and I modelling last year for a Valentines Campaign

Challenges: Allowing myself to stress. I know every time I stress it creates acidity in my body. Kora Webb the fitness coach and raw vegan chef on the 21 Day Cleanse says "Don't stress too much! Stress in one form or another is the cause of most dis-eases today! If you feel stressed take 10 deep breaths and focus on the solution rather than the problem! When you are feeling tired take a break, drink lots of water and grab an apple to give you some quick life force energy! Also, do not deprive or starve yourself because it will only make situations worse. Be disciplined and responsible for your own health. Remember, you have to be your best to serve your best! Never be too busy for yourself! You have to take care of yourself first to better take care of others! Yes! That means daily workouts and eating the healthiest foods for your body as often as possible!".

Triumphs: Jinjee the creator of the 21 Day Cleanse I am on wrote this today, "People of like consciousness naturally group together. Therefore if you want to improve your friendships or position in life, the swiftest route is to raise your own consciousness to the level you are seeking. Then you will find yourself surrounded by people of your consciousness, like metal filings to a magnet."

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: The juice of 1 large grapefruit and 2 oranges.

Lunch: A massive salad - lettuce greens, kale, hemp seeds, olive oil, himalayan salt, cucumber, corriander (cilantro) and parsley!

Dinner: 1 avocado with walnuts. Mango. 2 nectarines.

Dessert: 1 nectarines.

Snacks: A grapefruit.

Recipe: Recipes will be included in the earth diet book that is released in Novemeber.

Exercise: A run in the morning, and a dance. Moving, walking, stretching while working on set of "Squidman"!

156 days to go!!!


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