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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 182

Thoughts: If you want to melt away some fat and reveal that lean machine of yours then try out some of these foods that I have found to be light and loving to my body! These foods have particular enzymes that injects a little booster of life to your metabolism!

1. Avocados
Avocados go in smooth and come out smooth, they do not clog up your bowel. I was so afraid of avocados for many years, firstly because a kid at school said I was weird for bringing a full avocado from home and eating it with a spoon, as opposed to her snack pack chocolate nutella, so in order to not be weird I stopped eating them. And 2, because everyone said they were high in fat, full of fat, fatty avocados, and I was also afraid of being fat. So here I am being afraid of being weird and afraid of being fat. Until I re-discovered avocados again on The Earth Diet and realized you can eat as much avocados as you want and the fat accumulated from processed foods slides off, like a piece of avocado in your throat does! My favourite thing about opening an avocado jacket is that each avocado is different in taste and colour. I never know what personality of avocado I will get! My favourite kind are the ones coloured a grace green and smooth, creamy and fruity!

2. Asparagus
I am not a fan of asparagus smell. It tastes like it smells too, though I do eat it as I cannot deny it's superb flushing system that removes unwanted fat deposits throughout the body. Perhaps that's why it smells so much the next day (To exactly what I am talking about that smells is left to your imagination - you may have more fun that way!) , well I suppose fat deposits would smell!

3. Almonds
Almonds are the graceful nut. Brazil nuts are bashful boss nut, peanuts are the silly circus nut, macadamia nuts are the deep alluring nut, walnuts are the wacky nut, and almonds are light and graceful and drop their snowy white flakes in my stomach and appease the hunger.

4. Spinach
The myth about spinach and its high iron content may have first been propagated by Dr. E. von Wolf in 1870, because a misplaced decimal point in his publication led to an iron-content figure that was ten times too high! Hehe funny mistake :) However it is still a vegetable with dark green leaves that are low in calories and rich in fiber, iron and beta-carotene, which aids in lowering cholesterol and alkalizing your body ;) Popeye Grin!

5. Green tea
Green tea and chocolate balls are the perfect like pow pow pow couple! I seem to experience a smooth, sexy, flow of energy through my body when I drink hot just brewed green tea. And I'm not talking about the green tea you get in tea bags, I'm talking the actual green tea leaves. The tea bags you buy from the supermarket are like the McDonalds of tea world! Ewww! And it also gives the brain and nervous system a boost, and you know what happens when your body is in alive boost mode, it is happily using up those excess calories.

6. My Chocolate Balls!
Yes you can eat chocolate and lose weight silly! Chocolate is one of the oldest things on this planet! The cocao bean is an aphrodisiac full of magnesium and iron, leaving you fulfilled, physically strong and happy and sexy! And you want to be happy and sexy when you are losing weight! Recipes for my chocolate balls will be in The Earth Diet book that comes out in November! Pre-sales begin in July so you can check them out!

7. Broccoli!
Oh my favourite tree to eat! Made up of love, vitamins and fibre! As soon as I made broccoli my friend and welcomed it into my life I just love eating it! Oh so green and lush and full of life! The best thing about broccoli, I think, is that it doesn't matter if it's branches get cut off, or the leaves full off, the broccoli is so present and unattached to it's arms, it simply keeps growing, it does not winge and complain that it lost it's arm, it keeps beaming it's broccoli goodness! I can learn alot from broccoli my tree friend!

Make broccoli your friend! Obviously she is happy about it!

8. Walnuts
If you have a habit of overeating like I do, I know we feel like we can't help it because the food is soooo good, I know I know yum yum, but actually we can help it hehe but if you do want a little bumpy reminder eat a wacky walnut! Walnuts seem to giggle all the way down my throat! Have a handful wackos before a meal will stop you from overeating ans also give you a healthy kick up the bottom of fibre, vitamin E and scrumptious fatty acids! And yes they are brain food as they do look like brains!

9. Apples
Apples are like the lollies, sweets and candies of natural earth food! They are such a treat, a delight, a buzzing sensation! Swap a machine made sweet for an apple one time and fall in love with it! And then feel it fall in love with you! Or try the warm apple crumble made from all natural earth foods, the recipe will also be in my book!

10. Jalapeno Peppers or 'Chilli's' as us Aussies say mate. Haha nah I just threw the mate in there, that's cheesy!
Chilli's are a strong does of heat, flavour and strength! If anything they will get you feeling your body! My favourite part about eating a chilli is that they are bashing fire into my body and I feel energetic and alive! If I sweat that's a great sign of something old coming out of my body, make way for the chilli, and out with the sweat!

11. Beans
I love beans! Long solid rich green beans. They are such a peculiar character! They kind of remind me of a skinny frog dressed up as a royal Brittish buttler! When I suck on a bean, I full out it's light, fruity, moist flavours! Mmm mmm mmm beany beany! The scientific world would say they are full of protein and fibre.

12. Grapefruits
Grapefruits are a sweet and intimidating fruit. It is sweet in it's name and taste, and intimidating in it's pungent case and acid name: galacturonic acid. Either way I love it and the acid breaks down fat and is full of fibre to fill up your stomach of goodness!

13. Pineapple
Oh wow pineapple, oh so sweet! Such a treat to have! When I eat a pineapple my body goes to an energetic place of music, beach, sun and a cool breeze! Pineapple is rich in fibre and vitamin c which dances down your bowel walls, taking any icky black sludgy bits with it!

14. Juicing
Beetroot or 'Beet' for the non-Aussies, carrot, celery and ginger juice! This combination in a juice is like a deep body cleanse. The beetroot in your digestive system, goes into the bowels, soaks the bowel walls and any toxin build up in there, any blockages go right down with it! Nothing stands a chance against the beetroot! It soaks the bowel walls sparkling clean! The the carrot makes the juice sweet and will also colour your skin a nice radiant sun glow, the celery is like a hit of focus energy, and ginger is the perfect zing zang energy to remind you that you are alive! You can also add a touch of sweet to your juice with apple or pineapple! Once a day is never too much!

This is what 2 kilos looks like (5 pounds for non-aussies) of fat looks like!

Challenges: Haha I think naturally blue potatoes in my bowels would be a challenge! I saw this today in the supermarket and so I took a photo of it! It was so funny, I stood there a while wondering if it was a joke, and then I realized how dumb my thinking was, it's not a joke, they are actually advertising naturally blue potatoes! Thank you manufacturer of the naturally blue potato chips for keeping us consumers amused, I loved it!

Have you ever seen a naturally blue potato?

Triumphs: It's nice to be alive.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Water with lemon. Oats with pecans and agave syrup!

Lunch: Today at lunch I felt like treating myself so I got all my favourite foods and put them on the one plate! Mmm talk about indulgent! I had an avocado with walnuts inside (mmm it's smooth meets crunchy!) and black berries and strawberries! And then I had some peanut butter with strawberries together, mmm it's the ultimate reward of being a human!

Dinner: Homemade Liana Wedges cooked with Liana love and with some Liana sauce! Hehe or some potato wedges cooked in olive oil, with some tomato, basil and garlic sauce! Mmm mmm mmm!

Dessert: Sweet sweet sweet pineapple!

Snacks: A large juicy grapefruit in between breakfast and lunch!

Recipe: Recipes for chocolate balls, apple crumble and wedges with tomato, basil and garlic sauce will be in my book that comes out in November!

Exercise: Today was a sensational physical day! My beautiful husband and I went to the park, he ran and I skateboarded, and then we did some laps around the park, pull ups, swinging along the monkey bars (I remember doing that as a kid - and it seemed a lot easier then!) well the monkey bars were actually a soccer goal, and some squats, and stretches, then when we got home we did some gardening. We raked the mulch out of the way so we can plant some flowers, tomatoes, kale, and cucumbers. I am going to build quite a nice generous garden! You hear that garden? Hehe I am training it now so that it will give us lots of produce! Produce in return for love!

183 days to go!!!

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