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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 188

Challenges: Do you want great health? How do you get it? Through food? The mind? IS MIND CONTROL GOOD OR BAD?

This article discusses the nature of beliefs, thinking & the mind, and how mind control can be applied by outside agencies, and more importantly, by oneself.

BELIEFS Denial of external mind control, ("oh golly, just more of that conspiracy theory crap") is also denial of much (if not all) of what believe about our world and ourselves. Since we came into this world believing almost nothing, it is reasonable to suppose that we learnt our beliefs from others.

Some of the beliefs we might have been taught are that:
* It is natural to fear
* We are wanting in some way
* Punishment benefits someone
* We are unloved
* It is beneficial to cope with stress
* We're born of "original sin" or even "born bad"
* Pain should be managed
* It's bad to touch one's "private" parts
* We are unsupported
* You cannot follow your heart
* Pharmaceutical companies have your interests at heart (like banks do...)
* An otherwise perfectly satisfied carpet can express a "need" to be cleaned

Being well aware of what feels good, and what feels bad, it is interesting to note that a lot of what we think about is flavoured by what we believe, and it doesn't feel good.

SO WHO IS IN CONTROL? If free will is the freedom to think and feel what we will, why on earth would we choose to think or feel ... bad ? Another interesting question is ... if we are not being responsible for, or exercising control over, our own minds, who is ? Of course you may opt to believe that it's all just sort of accidental, or it's part of "human nature", to think & do what we do. Then I'd ask "who taught you that?" To take this further we would do well to have a workable model to describe thinking and the mind.

AND WHAT IS THE "MIND" Let's describe the mind as an energy field that flows through every cellular and sub-cellular structure in our body (this is in accord with current quantum-related theories). Roger Penrosei suggests this model to explain mathematical incongruities with "thinking in the brain" theories.

SO THOUGHTS & FEELINGS ARE? If the mind is an energy field then thoughts and feelings are fluctuations and perturbations in that energy field and instantly flow through and about our physical body and every structure within that body. (Deepak Chopra's "... the body is in the mind") THE TUNEABLE BODY A musical metaphor allows further consideration, then, of our thoughts and feelings being in harmony or disharmony within the context of our mind. They are the method by which we tune our mind ... and since we allowed the body to be in the mind, our thoughts and feelings can also be said to tune our body.

What are we tuning to ? Why, feeling better, of course, to the best of our ability, dependant upon what we believe! WHAT ABOUT EMOTIONS ? Emotions provide "amplitude modulation" to the waves of thought and feeling. The stronger the emotion, the more "power" does the thought or feeling have to effect (for better or worse) the tuning, and thus the harmony, or wellbeing of the body-mind.

WHERE DO MEMORIES FIT IN? Memories, within this energetic model, are stored in the structures of our physical body. They allow a playback mechanism such that a full body response is available.

This gives a whole new slant on aches, pains & illnesses, which now can be described as the physical manifestations of energetic conditions arising within the mind. Loss of heart (occasioning heart conditions), or feeling unsupported (leading to leg and foot conditions), or feeling overburdened and stressed (giving us shoulder and neck aches) are examples of this viewpoint, as is the efficacy of massage in releasing stored body memories. Have you ever met anyone who has "worked their guts out", who doesn't have bowel conditions ? THE WORDS WE USE The simplest way of discussing this is to state that whatever you state as truth, is! Whatever follows the personal pronoun "I" in a sentence, is! Your choice! BE CHOOSY with your words! And so it goes. Whatever you think and feel about your experiences can be described as beneficial or not beneficial to the mind & body. That's why we are encouraged "to see through" the control mechanisms that have limited us. Without knowing that such mechanisms are in place, or that such control is possible, we allow outside manipulation to continue, and even aid and assist it's use against our well being.

Practice paying attention to what you prefer.

It just depends on what you think;
about who you are & what you're doing.
So if what you're thinking isn't perfect.
Think again!! That's the secret!
You have free will -
to think & feel what you will.
Go for the best.
Do it NOW.

(by Greg Whyte)

"Have you ever met anyone who has "worked their guts out", who doesn't have bowel conditions?" - Greg Whyte

Challenges: For me the challenge is accepting the thought for my own and knowing that it is perfect and what I want.

Triumphs: Freedom.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Water with lemon juice. A grapefruit.

Lunch: Mmm lots of sweet strawberries.

Dinner: Last nights spicy sweet curry potatoes mmm mmm mmm!

Dessert: Apple crumble! Home made apple crumble on the earth diet! Oh it was divine! Ingredients : Organic apples, oats, buckwheat flour, water, a dash of olive oil, agave syrup or honey and flaked coconut from the coconut I used in last nights curry! A beautiful healthy workout meal! Who ever said apple crumble had to be unhealthy?!

Snacks: Peanuts in a shell.

Recipe: Recipe for the apple crumble and sweet spice potato curry will be in the earth diet book that is released in November!

Exercise: I exercised my physical body today by riding to the store to pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables.

177 days to go!!!

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