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Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 194

Kevin before he died from E. Coli

In 2001, Barbara Kowalcyk lost her 2 year old son Kevin just 12 days after he ate an American hamburger. Kevin's death was caused by E.coli poisoning - a side effect of our country's factory food businesses.“We put faith in our government to protect us, and we’re not being protected at the most basic level.” - Barbara Kowalcyk. She has since become a food safety advocate, fighting to give the USDA back its power to shut down plants that repeatedly produce contaminated meats. Barbara and her mother, Patricia Buck, have pushed for the “Kevin’s Law” bill to become law since 2002. It still has not passed.

E. coli food poisoning is an illness that is caused by the ingestion of E. coli bacteria after exposure to contaminated food, beverages, water, animals, or other persons. E. coli are members of a large group of bacterial germs that inhabit the intestinal tract of humans and other warm-blooded animals (mammals, birds). After ingestion, E. coli bacteria rapidly multiply in the large intestine and bind tightly to cells in the intestinal lining.sudden onset of abdominal pain and severe cramps, followed within 24 hours by diarrhea. Hemorrhagic colitis typically occurs within 2 to 5 days of ingestion of E. coli, but the incubation period, or time between the ingestion of E. coli bacteria and the onset of illness, may be as broad as 1 to 10 days.

As the infection progresses, diarrhea becomes watery and then may become grossly bloody, that is, bloody to the naked eye. E. coli symptoms also may include vomiting and fever, although fever is an uncommon symptom.

On rare occasions, E. coli infection can cause bowel necrosis (tissue death) and perforation without progressing to hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS)—a complication of E. coli infection that is now recognized as the most common cause of acute kidney failure in infants and young children.

Healthy beef and dairy cattle may carry the E. coli germ in their intestines. The meat can get contaminated with the germ during the slaughtering process. When beef is ground up, the E. coli germs get mixed throughout the meat.

Dr. Robert Young on E-coli,

21 Sept.2006 - I must address this tragedy of the wrongful association of a bacteria called E-coli from spinach causing sickness or even death. I have said for years that germs cannot cause sickness, disease or death but are the products of cellular transformation. There is only one cause of sickness, disease and death and that is the over-acidification of the blood and then tissues due to an inverted way of living, eating and thinking. Our bodies are alkaline by design. If you maintain that alkaline design you can never get sick. All functions of the human body are acidic. If we do no eliminate the acids from digestion or metabolism through urination, perspiration, defecation or respiration they will build up in our tissues making us sick and tired and eventual death. The kidneys cannot and do not fail because of eating spinach that may have been contaminated with E-coli. Germs do not cause disease as most medical savants would have us believe! This is absurd! Kidneys fail when they become over acid from lifestyle and dietary choices. There is no other cause. So go ahead and enjoy your greens including spinach. They will help maintain your alkaline design and prevent sickness and disease, including kidney disease.

23 Sept. 2006 - The individuals that have been suggested of possibly dying from E-coli found in the kidney is like blaming the smoke from a fired gun as the cause of death. Logically we know that smoke from a fired gun cannot kill. In fact it is not even the bullet that can kill. It is the person that is pulling the trigger that causes the gun to be fired, that causes the release of the bullet and then the residue of smoke. E-coli is the smoke. The bullet is the acid. And the trigger is the individuals lifestyle and dietary choices. Not for a moment do I believe that anyone unless staving to death would eat spoiled fermenting smelly and awful tasting spinach. I truly believe that people are not that stupid and I am not about to believe these ridiculous claims that spinach was the possible cause of death as suggested by western germ theory scientists.

To justify their claims, these medical savants are now saying that E-coli is the possible villain in this fairy tale by suggesting that it is coming from migrant workers who are urinating and defecating in the fields around the spinach. I can hardly contain myself from laughing out loud when organic farmers are using chicken excrement to fertilize the fields of spinach and other vegetables and fruits. Here at Rancho del Sol we use chicken excrement in and around our organic grapefruit and avocado trees for its oxygen and nitrogen components. This is what all organic farmers use. So what would be worse -- human excrement or chicken excrement to fertilize with?

As for Legionnaire's disease this also is not caused by bacteria but from the over indulgence of acidic foods and drinks. There were many people who were sick that had been diagnosed with Legionnaire's where no bacteria could be found. The reason -- acid makes us sick not bacteria. This is also the case with individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. They are sick but there is no virus present! So what is the cause? It can only be from an over acidic environment. So we need to look at the acid from our lifestyle and dietary choices. The acid from the beverages we drink such as tea, coffee and alcohol. The toxins from meats that release nitric, uric, sulfuric and phosphoric acids. Or the toxins from sugar like acetlyaldehyde or lactic acids. These are the true culprits or poisons that make us sick, tired and fat that leads to our eventual death.

Challenges: “We put faith in our government to protect us, and we’re not being protected at the most basic level.” - Barbara Kowalcyk

Triumphs: He that can have patience can have what he will.
Benjamin Franklin, printer, statesman, inventor

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: A big cup of freshly squeezed orange juice at the Chelsea Cafe in Manhattan with the camera crew :) Fruit salad, pineapple, rockmelon (cantaloupe), melon, grapefruit, grapes and orange! Mmm so sweet :)

Lunch: Macadamia nuts. Lots of them! Mmm my favourite nuts, juicy, crunchy and creamy :)

Dinner: Lentils and brown rice mmm mmm mmm!

Dessert: Cherries!

Exercise: Running around Manhattan with Prokhorov Russian billionaire shooting a recruitment video for the Knicks basketball. We had a private tour of Yankee stadium ... walked on the field, and yep the players change rooms as well! Hehe :)

171 days to go!!!


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