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Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 192

Thoughts: Why are Australian farmers being paid to leave their land?

What is causing the unusual weather patterns on Earth? There are many causes including vast energy shifts coming from the centre of the Milky Way galaxy, via the Sun. Man’s pollution is also causing some “global warming, but perhaps not as much as we have been lead to believe.

However a major contributor for the droughts affecting Australia’s farmers are “chemtrails”.

Chemtrails are trails left behind jet aircraft and are different in appearance and quality from those of normal contrails or water vapour trails. Chemtrails are composed of harmful chemicals, and are being deliberately produced, and covered up by the government. The term “chemtrail” does not refer to common forms of aerial dumping (e.g. crop dusting, cloud seeding to increase rainfall or aerial firefighting). It specifically refers to systematic, high-altitude dumping of Barium, Aluminium and scattering particulates for undisclosed purposes, resulting in the appearance of these unusual contrails to be seen crossing our blue skies.

So why have chemtrails been appearing in Australian skies for over a decade? Who is making the chemtrails? Apparently many commercial airline pilots have been required to sign confidentiality agreements to not disclose the fact that their aircraft are distributing and discharging dangerous chemicals into our skies. Military aircraft are also being deployed. One of the chemicals, barium salts, effectively “dries up the rain”. Of course, the pilots may have been told they are “cloud seeding” to “make rain” for the farmers!

To add to the “climate control” mix, the US government is assisting by operating their HAARP technology to effect climate change locally in Australia in conjunction with the local chemtrails. The massive HAARP antenna array is located in Alaska with world wide coverage. There are many references on the world wide web.

So why does the government want farmers to leave the land by causing an artificial drought? The Australian Government has recently signed the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) and is planning, with help from the USA to build nuclear power stations along the Australian eastern seaboard. It needs the land for the power stations, each of which will have an associated underground long term dump for nuclear waste.

A new study shows that nuclear reactors are likely to be spaced out from Townsville in Queensland to Port Augusta in South Australia. Queensland would have six reactors and in NSW there would be four power plants. Victoria would have four and South Australia, three. Siting considerations include access to water for cooling and the national electricity grid.

A government-commissioned inquiry headed by Dr. Ziggy Switkowski last year reported reactors would have to be positioned within tens of kilometres of the east coast national power grid. The inquiry posed 25 reactors producing a third of Australia’s electricity needs by 2050.

The Australian Government, together with the US Government, have been controlling the weather for some time. These chemtrails are not contrails. Lack of rainfall will result in the construction of more dams which leads to the construction of nuclear power plants, which require lots of water! This will lead to more control of water resources and the privitisation of water.

The farms, will collectively, become the property of the banks, who will sell them, after it rains again of course, to Agri-Giants from USA.

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What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Water with lemon juice. Strawberries.

Lunch: Coconut pieces ... from the coconut I used to make curry. An orange.

Dinner: Raw cauliflower. A avocado.

Dessert: Some fruit crumble from yesterdays creation :)

Snacks: Some peanuts

Exercise: Walking in Manhattan like a mad woman! And running

173 days to go!!!

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