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Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 191

Thoughts: Briers, thorns, thistles, vines and tics.

How do you recognize machinery in organic life? Start with nature ... Ever walk into a forest and see how the outside of the trails and entrance ways are protected by briers, thorns, thistles, vines and tics, a mechanism to keep us out. But then when you walk off the trail and go deep into the woods there is less and even none of this. You have to get off the trail and into the heart of the woods. That takes work to get to. Like anything. Like health.

It is easier to stay on the 'track' that is laid out for you, just follow the path. Which path are you following? What is most likely to be your future? In 2 weeks, 2 months and 2 years? Health or dis-ease?

Obama's wife, Michelle, said that 'everything begins and ends with hope'. Utter nonsense. Hope is a meaningless emotion because its fruits are always in the future and, by definition, never in the NOW.

"Hope is like riding a carousel horse; no matter how fast you go you never get closer to the one in front. The idea, however, is to persuade you to stay on the horse, despite the inevitable disappointment, in the 'hope' that things will change. But they don't because the very system is designed to prevent it.

That's the way 'hope' is employed by the dastardly and devious - take the crap we are giving you now in the 'hope' that things will get better (but we know they won't).

We have no job, no food on the table and our home has been foreclosed, but at least we have 'hope'. Phew, thank goodness for that. 'I'm hungry, mum, can I have some hope, please?' 'I'm so sorry, darling, you can't have hope today, only tomorrow - hope is always tomorrow.' 'So will I eat tomorrow, mum?' 'We can hope so now, dear, but when we get to tomorrow, we can only hope it's the next day.' On and on it goes. That's how 'hope' works. Or rather doesn't." Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

"Currently you are all slaves who do not know yourselves as such. Even the ruling "elite" are slaves to those above them in the decision making process. We challenge you to think about what a slave truly is, then look closely at your own life and see if any of it fits. Are you truly a FREE Man?

What have you got to lose?
This is a very powerful time, and from outer appearances it looks as though on several fronts the Earth is spiraling into an abyss of chaos and confusion, but that is an illusion. We are going through one of the most intense cleansings the Earth has ever experienced. We have all known this was coming, and Lightworkers have been aware for decades that the Company of Heaven is counting on us to daily and hourly invoke the Light of God effectively enough to minimize the damage and the loss of life during this imperative cleansing process." - Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Deepak Chopra says "We die to our old bodies each moment and breathe in a new". "Beloved masters, on the earthly plane of existence, human Beings rejoice at the birth of a child, for it is indeed a miracle of creation, and they mourn the death of a loved one, for they feel a personal loss of that person from their midst. However, death is also a miracle and, from a spiritual point of view, it is a time of rejoicing, for it is a time of returning to a truer "state of Being.

There is a natural flow of birth, death/transition, rest and assimilation, and rebirth in order to experience the wondrous variety of shapes, sizes, forms and realities available to you as a cocreator. In the meantime, you must release many of your old ‘fixed’ ideas and taboos about death and the hereafter, and come to the realization that the life you are now experiencing is only a ‘moment’ in universal time.

One of the most important things for you to understand is that everything you experience begins ‘within.’ You are a microcosm or a miniature universe within the macrocosm which contains the totality of the Omniversal experience.

You have an etheric body which contains a complete, authentic replica of your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

You always have been and always will be connected to the ALL THAT IS. The sense of disconnection is all within your ‘mind,’ and the way to ‘unlock the door’ to the River of Life is within the SACRED HEART. Open your hearts, beloveds, so that you may be filled to overflowing with the Divine Elixir of Life.

Although you never go backwards in your spiritual evolution, you certainly can become stagnant, or lost in confusion for a time.

INHERENTLY WITHIN YOU, YOU ARE GIVEN ALL THE LAWS AND MORAL RULES OF CONDUCT AND BEHAVIOR. So within you must come into understanding of WHY you are distressed and feeling unworthy in your being.

WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR CAUSE YOU CAN CHANGE your behavior that the cause not be repeated by the lesson or error being understood in KNOWLEDGE within you. Forgive yourself for that which is done and cannot be is a gift IF you recognize the error and can release the punishment of self or of another.

If you were treated in ways which caused you pain, YOU KNOW THAT WHICH CAUSED YOU PAIN. So if you recognize behavior in yourself which is unbalanced and belongs to your past, THEN CHANGE IT. ASK GOD WITHIN TO SHOW YOU YOUR ERROR THAT YOU UNDERSTAND AND NOT REPEAT THE OFFENSE.IT IS A POWERFUL TIME!" - Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Are your own briers, thorns, thistles, vines and tics in the way of you reaching your self?

Challenges: My own briers, thorns, thistles, vines and tics in the way of me reaching my self and being fully self expressed in the area of health, career, love, abundance of life, flowing energy.

Triumphs: Being unstoppable.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: At the organic restaurant with friends :) I had some organic pancakes made from wholewheat flour. With maple syrup.

Lunch: Beet, carrot, celery, ginger juice. 3 of the most scrumptious delicious crunchy melt in your mouth and hand chocolate peanut butter cookies! Recipe will be in the earth diet book being released in November!

Dinner: Fruit crumble! Fruit crumble is a great energy and work out food! Lick out the bowl – it’s a must! And eat this bits out of the oven tray! They are the best! Recipe below!

Dessert: Why would I eat dessert when dinner is fruit crumble? Hehe!

Snacks: Sweet pineapple! And the apple skin after I peeled the apples for the apple crumble ;)

Recipe: Ingredients for Fruit Crumble : Apples, strawberries, black berries, buckwheat, oats, agave syrup, peanuts, crushed peanuts, cinnamon! Directions will be in the earth diet book being released in November.

Exercise: Today ... straightening the cucumbers in the garden and digging up mulch piles :) Especially great for the fingernails ;)

174 days to go!!!

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