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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Go with the flow...

Photo by Roxxe!

Hey guys, this is a blog request from my beautiful and extraordinary sister Nadine aka Papino (I nicknamed her hehe!) Nadine travels the world and shares her experience and advice with fellow travelers on a blog called 'Travel With Papino' and the last I checked in she had traveled to over 100 cities in over 30 different countries!

This is what Nadine wrote on The Earth Diet facebook page ... "I wana read something inspirational! Like about positive thinking etc. that works for the mind :) Something that makes me feel good about TODAY!"

I can relate to this, about wanting to feel good today. I don't want to 'wait' to feel good until tomorrow, or someday or until something else happens. I realize that feeling good is available right now and only now. I am done with feeling bad, and I know that feeling good is our natural birthright. I know I will have moments of 'feeling bad' and I know this is just as temporary feeling. We have a right to feel good, and it is good to feel good. 

Here is a video I watch often to get me into the space of 'going with the flow' and feeling good. Enjoy :) 

I also realize I have a choice in what I think. The thoughts I have create realities. Therefore I should take care of what I think... Where ever there is a negative thought there is also a positive opposite to choose from. For example...

I can’t do it … I can do it.
I’m ugly…I am radiating energy.
I’m poor … I am grateful.
I’m useless … I am powerful.
I’m tired … I am pure energy.
I’m pathetic …I am unstoppable.
I don’t have it … I have what it takes.
No one cares about me …I am loved.
I’m stuck … I can change it at any moment.
I’m not good enough … I am good enough.
No one sees me … I exist in every moment.
I’m nothing … I am nothing and everything.
My body is unhealthy … my body is my temple.
It will never happen to me … it can happen to me.
I can’t do anything … I can choose who I want to be.
I’m trapped in time … time is broken down to moments.
I can’t start again …each moment is filled with new possibilities.
Why did I wake up this morning … I have something to offer today.

This is from a blog 'Create your day' I wrote for Miranda Kerr's KORA Organics

To read the full blog visit this link:

You are all amazing beings, and I love you all regardless of who you think you are, and I am enjoying this experience here with you all on earth. Thank you.

With love, Liana.

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