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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Caravan of Dreams...

Hi Liana! Do you know of some healthy places to eat out in New York ... where do you eat or that you could recommend and why? Thank you! Barry - NY

Hi Barry!

Absolutely, I have included a few of the places I go to....

In Manhattan check out...

Caravan of Dreams does raw and cooked and is entirely vegan and 95% organic. You may have seen it in 'Eat, Pray, Love' in a scene with Julia Roberts!

Everything on the menu is vegan and says 'Our aim is to use only organic produce and ingredients. 95% of our food is organic, and where certain ingredients are not available, we strive to find the best alternative and apply constant pressure on our growers and vendors to make the change to organic. All our water is filtered at least twice. We are kosher certified by OKS under the supervision of Rabbi Harry Cohen.'

I was there last week with Andrew and we ate the 'Live Nachos' (raw chips made with chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, peppers, cumin, onion!), berry spelt pancakes with maple syrup and roasted hazelnuts, and the Caravan Burrito filled with rice and vegetables - the 'cream' you see in the photo below is actually a nut cream made from cashews. I also drank a super smoothie with ingredients: strawberry, cacao, almond butter, goji, aloe and maca - one of the best smoothies I have had! You could bring your friends who are not vegan to this place and they will still enjoy it. They also have available draft beer, wine and sangria.

 Neal the head chef of Caravan of Dreams has been vegan for 11 years and lost a lot of weight initially and now has more energy living this kind of lifestyle. He enjoys providing this lifestyle to people and says Caravan of Dreams is like a 'community staple' where people come to socialize and eat. If you are hesitant about eating vegan or raw Neal recommends the burrito or veggie burger. If you are up for raw foods he suggests the live pizza. All desserts are made in the house and include Choc Acai Berry Pie and Raw Cacao Fudge mmm!  Neal also said he sources as many ingredients as possible locally from Long Island farmers and upstate. You can trust their integrity on the products being organic and high quality. They are open Sunday through Friday 11am to 11pm and midnight on Saturday.

Pure Food and Wine which has entirely a raw menu with divine desserts! Direct link to blog;

There are also many juice bars in Manhattan that do juicing and raw organics foods great for on the run or a casual meal.Check out Booster Juice and Life Thyme
On Long Island...

Park Avenue Grill has organic options and is in Amityville where I live. Their menu is not entirely organic but they do have organic options as well as regular options. You can order a burger and choose organic. They also have 100% organic breakfast including the Berry Pancakes - which are my favorite! You can also get freshly squeezed orange juice, no added anything. The owner Erin was inspired to go organic after watching the documentary Food Inc!

A new raw cafe in Huntington just opened up ... I'm going to check that out tomorrow!!! :)

With love, Liana.

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