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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Mind

Hi Earth Diet peeps, I'm having trouble sticking to eating healthy. I say I'll eat only 'earth foods' for one month but I keep breaking it. It's like my mind keeps finding ways to talk myself out of it and why I should eat junk food. And then when I do break it and eat junk food my mind starts creating more drama and guilt and I stress out. I guess the problem is my mind ... what are your thoughts? - Katherine, Dublin.

Hi Katherine!

The mind can be a powerful tool if we use it. If we allow it to use us, it can go in many directions.

In the past couple of weeks I have written blogs you may find resourceful about the mind and human life.

We are also currently in collaboration with Paul Nguyen who is a Consulting Hypnotist and founder of Moodstreams. Customized down loadable sessions will soon be available on our site for things like health management, weight management, quitting smoking, addictions, overeating etc - stay tuned!

As seen on Stop Stressing Now ...

The human mind is an aggregate of causes and conditions. It is in  constant change. It is forever jumping about, not ceasing for even a  moment.

One must not trust his own mind that is filled with greed, anger and  foolishness. One must not let his mind run free, but must keep it under  strict control.

Those who really seek the path of peace dictate terms to their mind.  Then they proceed with strong determination. Even though they are abused  by some and scorned by others, they go forward undisturbed. They do not  become angry if they are beaten by fists, or hit by stones, or gashed  by swords. Let abuse come, let misfortune come, and yet one should  resolve to remain unmoved and tranquil in mind.

“Oh my mind! Why do you hover so restlessly over the changing  circumstances of life? Why do you make me so confused and restless? Why  do you urge me to collect so many things? You are like a plow; you are  like a rudder that is dismantled just as you are venturing out on the  sea of life and death. Of what use are many rebirths if we do not make  good use of this life?”

To read the full blog, direct link:

As seen on KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr ...

The nature of an animal is much easier to understand. Still, we can  in a general way classify the nature of man according to four  outstanding differences.

First, there are those who, because of wrong teachings, practice austerities and cause themselves to suffer.

Second, there are those who, by cruelty, by stealing, by killing or by other unkind acts, cause others to suffer.

Third, there are those who cause other people to suffer along with themselves.

Fourth, there are those who do not suffer themselves and save others from suffering.

These people of the last category do not give way to greed, anger or  foolishness, but live peaceful lives of kindness and wisdom without  killing or stealing.

Thus people can be classified in different ways, but nevertheless, man  is tempted in different ways by the desires of his six senses, eyes,  ears, nose, tongue, touch and mind, and is controlled by the predominant  desire.

From these desires comes the body’s love of comfort. Most people, being  influenced by the body’s love of comfort, do not notice the evils that  follow comfort, and they are caught in a painful trap. Indeed, these  desires arising from the senses are the most dangerous traps. When  caught by them people are entangled in wordly passions which lead them  into delusions and sufferings.

Read the full blog that includes five ways to emancipate ourselves from the bond of wordly passions. Direct link:

With love, Liana.

1 comment:

  1. Although this blog is extremely engaging and is right on several points, it seems to skew toward a religious view of the way the mind works. (ie the use of the word "sin") All of humanity naturally have within them and are mentally culpable and driven to cruelty, schadenfruede, and the want to seek justice (ie an eye for any eye). Even the most moral-seeming of individuals will seek to harm another if they, their family, and/or friends are harmed or sought against in harm. Even stealing must be done by the most noble of characters when they to save themselves or others from hunger or debilitating hardship. Though this practice is against the law, it is not in any way wrong. One of the finite learnings and one that is a building block of what I'm sure this blog stands for is the human body should never be too hungry, to tired, too lonely, or too angry. (HALT system)

    The ultimate point I am coming to is that no human, whether priest or serial killer can keep themselves or others from suffering because of their actions.