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Sunday, February 20, 2011

How do you love who you are...

To Liana; if you ever aren't comfortable with yourself, how do you get pass that and just love who you are? - Naama 

Thank you Naama, great question. How do you love who you are...

I will share what works for me,

Break it down to 3 simple things.

One. Realize that the uncomfortableness is there.

Two. Think, here I am, and there is that uncomfortableness.

Three. Speak, aloud anything you want to be. 

These may help:

For step one, you may feel the uncomfortableness is a physical ache or pain. Or you may find the uncomfortableness resides in the head or above the head which may also be in the form of a headache.

For step two, as you think these thoughts you are separating yourself from the uncomfortableness. Now there is you, and now there is that uncomfortableness.

For step three, say aloud whatever you wish you were, or want to feel. It may help to say it after ‘I am ...’ For example I like to say “I am alive, transparent, consistent, and pure energy, and loving.” As you speak these words, your body is familiarizing its self with them. These words create new cells in your body that are made up of a cell memory of ‘alive, transparent, consistent, and pure energy, and loving’. You start to become the way you wish to be on a cellular level. Say it as many times as you like. 

You can do this process as often as you like. You may find one kind of uncomfortableness in the body and get rid of it, and then another is there and then another comes along etc. Remember we have probably picked up a lot of uncomfortableness during our many years as a human. 

It will take however long it takes you to do the process getting rid of the uncomfortableness. Sometimes minutes, sometimes seconds. The more you do it, the quicker you become at getting rid of uncomfortableness. The more you do it, the more the brain is focused on being whatever it is you say, for me it is being alive, transparent, consistent, and pure energy, and loving :)

Times I do it are anywhere and anytime I feel uncomfortableness. I may be replying to emails, walking down the street, prepping for an audition or phone call, on a plane, at home, browsing the internet, eating food, meeting with people, at the gym, it could literally be anywhere and any place. As soon as the uncomfortableness is there I know I can also get rid of it. 

Write in the comment box below if you would like to share ways how you ‘love who you are’.


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