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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 166

Heidi with her husband Warren Williams and son Jasper at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Thoughts: “Food today - is so far away from being food it is not funny.” Heidi Williams

I have the pleasure of sharing with you, one of my greatest friends Heidi Williams. A full woman, a mother, a wife, a friend, simple elegance and beauty,a shining light and effortless love...

"We are our own worst enemies. We are addicted to sickness, sick food, bad diets, sugars, carbs and the list goes on. It is very hard to simplify, to break that pattern, and sometimes removing yourself completely from that temptation is the best thing you can do....... food is so wonderful, we need it to fuel our bodies and it should be prepared, cooked and eaten with good energy. We only need the simple basics to survive. We are so far removed from, oh I am hungry I'll just go pick some fruit or find some food. it's all about oh I will jump in my car and go to the store and buy something wrapped in plastic, that digests like plastic, and desecrates like plastic.

Us humans have this thing about bigger, better, adding, and fixing, changing and modifying. Bad news its all bad!!! Simplicity unfortunately seems so far away from the modern western diets. But once again its about conformity, control, addictions and habits and realities created from back when we were weee little ones.
My philosophy on life - Live!!! my morale I live by - segregation leads to discrimination, discrimination leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate breads dis-ease. Stay away from all of these nasty manifestations.

Heidi making damper (a traditional Australian bread) the traditional way!

No rules, no judges, only ourselves. No bosses, no distinction.
Love, love and love.
Be aware of what you put out to the universe, thought becomes energy, energy becomes matter.
Our path is already chosen for us, don't try to fight change, change is our only constant, befriend it!!! There is always something new to experience around the corner. Life is wonderful feel it!
You are what you put into your body, what you watch, read, listen to, who you chose to associate with, experiences.

Shout!! Somebody is listening!!!!!

Heidi is Heidi. Heidi is the name I have which was given to me when I was born. The real me is a soul of which is very aware of my environment that I have chosen to exist in. My soul is in no way conforming to general society with its rules and social expectations, of which humans have created as a useful tool to control society amongst by use of emotions like fear.

I live at Hermannsburg, 130kms west of Alice Springs, on an Aboriginal community, which is my reality. My reality seems so far from most other beings, even if they are here visiting, living or working, I find it interesting to analyze how a person can be in a community but not be part of it, which in regard to social expectations sometimes can be important to be able to make that segregation, but you cannot perceive it is not being reality. Their reality is their perception I know, but what they choose to consider reality is usually a precursor established in their young years of life from their parents and the kind of upbringing they have had, the kind of social environment etc and the rest of their lives are modeled on that perception. That to me is acquired perception, my reality is my perception of here. Now. Awake. Alive!

Shape of the world right now? -
Crazy, very controlling, nothing is done with good honest motives, and it’s funny you know what percentage of the earth is made up of liquid? (about 75%) Energy forms matter, bad energy, bad matter, humans saying one thing and doing another, reflects upon the earth, it is absorbed as negative energy and manifests itself in many negative ways.

Vibrational Medicine, it is a very interesting topic, and it has been scientifically proven that liquid absorbs negativity, I know it sounds odd, do a bit of googling, and you will see. Anyway my point is that all the liquid matter on this earth is just sucking up all the negativity, verbal, physical, emotional and manifesting itself into a big fat piece of lard called earth, slowly but surely, oh wait or is that humans? The human race under the control of societies such as religion are becoming very nasty, manipulative and a judgmental race. Focusing on what was or what could be rather than the now, doing good now!!! It is the humans who are a sick society, dependent on accessories, possessions, everything manufactured and power, external power that has created this mess. The sad part about it is I often contemplate if we are sending the earth on a path of self destruction? And if that is the case then that’s the case. Maybe it is meant to be, the unknown is the only thing I trust, because it is what it is, unknown.

I asked Heidi how the aborigines survived off the Earth for thousands of years before whites came along and if they died at a young age? No they didn't die young. Warrens (husband) great grandfather actually lived till he was 100, they use to have great longevity. No they didn't have cancer, all their sickness was cured by plants of song, and would be caused by a dis-ease not a pathogen. When the white man settled they unfortunately brought all those pathogens and foreign microbes to the place also. In a book I read about the history of natural medicine, it talks only briefly of Australian Aborigine when white man settled. In Sydney there was some really rich high social classed humans who brought in an old medicine mainly to heal their children, he was employed well paid by provisions of clothes for himself and flour, sugar and tea rations to heal them. But of course he could only heal if he could identify the dis-ease, so when he couldn't deliver because he couldn't identify the manifestation of the dis-ease he was abandoned I know they did something to him but I don't know what. Then of course he caught pathogen that was introduced to his body through the people he was treating, so it then passed through his family began the circle of infectious disease.

(Pathogen is any disease producing agent - a virus, bacterium, or other microorganism)

What do I Do?
I live, I breathe, I listen, I learn, I eat, I sleep, I exist!!! I spend my time sharing my passion, bringing to any situation what I can. Where I am in my life at this present stage is amongst some very strong issues regarding traditional land owners governance, very poor social and emotional well being, political games using token representation of involvement of Indigenous people. Issues with child welfare, addictions of all kinds and manifestations of an eternity of suppression of a society as a whole, the Australian Traditional Aboriginal people. I have a husband who is a traditional Aboriginal Western Aranda man. I have bourn two beautiful boys and have 4 beautiful older children in my life, Warren's. The Australian Aboriginal strength of family is inspiring, everyone knows exactly who they are , where they fit in and nobody is segregated. Despite what people think, having 10 people in one house is normal in my reality, and the love is so immense, everyone cares here. It is what is missing in the broader society, love sense of family even if you are not blood related we are all humans, one family."

Heidi and her two beautiful boys Elijah and Jasper!

Heidi and I on her wedding day!

Challenges: Self judgment.

Triumphs: Selflessness.

What I ate today:

Breakfast: Water with lemon squeezed in it. 2 nectarines.

Lunch: Avocado. Brazil nuts. Walnuts. Peanut butter (crushed peanuts). Yes I had a nut party in my mouth. 2 nectarines.

Dinner: Chopped potatoes, carrots, zuchinni, green chilli, onion, garlic, brocoli, with basil and corriander cooked in olive oil. Blissssss.

Dessert: Chocolate balls with peanut butter.

Snacks: Raw cauli flower. Green Grapes. A nectarine.

Recipe: The recipe for chocolate balls is in blog Day 115.

Exercise: Walking around Amityville my new home in USA :) No it's not like the Amityville Horror, it's a beautiful small, simple and peaceful town.

199 days to go!!!

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