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Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 158

Thoughts: Ashleigh Bevin took on The Earth Diet challenge on March 1st so I touched base with her to see how she's travelling on the new health train ;)

Ashleigh works as a conveyancer which she says "is the legal mumbo jumbo name of the person who does the legal work for buying & selling houses".

"The challenges I have had is clearly without a doubt… alcohol! A lot of my friends are massive party people and so when I hang out with them it’s always in a social situation or there is always someone’s birthday on or some excuse to drink. But I have made exceptions to myself now that I am only going to drink on special occasions or once a month or something instead of drinking every wkend just for the sake of it or during the week to ‘relieve stress’- now I just go to the gym and relieve my stress and feel a thousand times better!!! I have been on a mission to hunt down some organic alcohol which I found this week – organic vodka!!!"

"And another challenge from after drinking alcohol is eating bad hangover food! So yeah I have slipped up a couple of times but when I do I have a little bit of something and stop and think… hmm this is sooooo not worth it haha!"

"Before The Earth Diet I have always tried to be healthy... or sometimes I just gave in and ate bad stuff all week and thought next week I am starting again!!!! I used to eat really good all week and then as soon as the weekend came I was like wahoooo party time... time to eat crap! Now the only time I really want junk food is when I am hungover. But its way to sweet or greezy or gross so I dont even enjoy it which makes me want to eat it less!!!!" Now Ashleigh is "feeling so so fresh and light!" and is eating foods naturally provided from the earth and even created her own recipes for pizza, pesto, salsa dip, cookies, banana smoothies and hummus!!!

"Its amazing how good I feel – it’s pretty strange how it took 23 years for me to stumble across Liana and hear about her earth diet and think…. Gee she is on to something. Haha its so so simple! Just do not eat crap and your body will love you for it!!!! Some days I still feel sluggish or bloated but I realise that they are usually the days when I haven’t drunk enough water or I have overdosed on nuts or had to much oat milk! I get a bit obsessed with my oat milk sometimes and have lots of oat milk banana smoothies & hot chocolates Hehe! I have lost around 5kgs and noticed flabby bits getting tighter YEAH! Ha! I really really really want to get a colonic I just have to get the ‘guts’ to go hehehe".

A colonic is also known as colon cleansing (colon therapy), enema, and encompasses a alternative medical therapy intended to remove fecal waste and unidentified toxins from the colon and intestinal tract. I say there is no point in eating healthy foods if we have a dirty bowel, because all of our nutrients and vitamins are absorbed in the intestine, and if our intestine wall is covered with muck (years and years of accumulated toxins build up) then nothing is being absorbed.

Ashleigh is now even inspiring and assisting others in living a healthy lifestyle, "This guy was in the health food shop asking about cacao and the assistant wasn’t helping much so I walked up to him and started chatting to him what he wanted to use it for and what I used it for and blah blah blah told him about chocolate balls! Showed him all the ingredients so he bought them all! I sure get the health food shop assistants thinking aswell – I go in there every day and see what new creations I can make!!!"

Ashleigh is so alive with energy!!!..."Oh by the way…I went to my parents house on the weekend and they have a woodfire pizza oven… I new I couldn’t resist so I bought some organic wholemeal spelt flour and used that with water oil and salt and made pizza dough. I used this organic cheese from nimbin with no rennet in it aswell."

"I haven’t had meat for 3 weeks now!!!I am just having organic chicken."

Ashleigh has been creating her own recipes and she is sharing them with us! Woooo!

Use a mortal pestle and crush up macadamia nuts, sea salt, olive oil and basil leaves!!!! PESTO!

Cook chickpeas, Tahini, lemon or lime juice, sea salt, olive oil, garlic and water - blend together in blender :)

"Oh I made this awesome hot red kidney dip salsa the other day!!! With onion, tomatoes, basil, garlic, capsicum, kidney beans, cumin & turmeric. I just put it all in the frying pan with some water and simmered it all for a while I have them with organic corn chips!!!! – they only have corn, sea salt & olive oil in them yummmmmyyyy."


Flaked Coconut
Sultanas &/or Cranberries
Cocao powder
Almond &/or Hazlenut meal
Honey or agave syrup
Coconut Oil

1.Boil flaked coconut, sultanas, Cranberries, honey, cinnamon & water in a sauce pan - simmer until u get a syrupy consistency!
2.Add to cocao & meal, add oil.
3.Put mixture on tray & cook at 200 for to 10 mins - YUMMMMMYYYYY

oat milk, honey or agave, cinamon, bananna's! Blend together :-)

Challenges: It's my birthday today and usually on my birthday it is an excuse to eat chocolate cake, lollies and icecream. So none of that today while I am on the Earth Diet. I will be eating peanut butter (crushed peanuts) chocolate balls though! wooo wooo thank you Earthy :)

Triumphs: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” Buddha. Ashleigh has become a creator of her own foods and health and therefore has become abundant with health, energy, joy and aliveness :))) A true inspiration.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: 2 nectarines. 2 chocolate balls with peanut butter. A beet, carrot, celery, ginger juice.

Lunch: Avocado with walnuts. A nectarine.

Dinner: A salad with cabbage lettuce, raddish, edamame and carrot. And green beans with garlic and slivered almonds (recipe in blog Day 156). And a baked potato with olive oil drissled on it and himalayan salt.

Dessert: Chocolate balls with peanut butter. Recipe for choc balls blog Day 115.

Snacks: A asian pear.

Exercise: A play in the park for one hour, swinging on the swing! How fun are swings?! Balancing on the poles, squats, stretching my body :) Jumping up on the park bench, awesome for abs, some yoga breathing. The left side of my nose was clogged up so I worked on opening that up to meet my clear right nasal passage.

207 days to go!!!

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