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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 165

Thoughts: Microchips are now available if you want one. Inserted in your body.

The Zeitgeist movie warned us this would happen, I laughed it off, like yeah right. Until today when I saw the advertisement for the microchips.

A US company has been given the green light to implant microchips in humans. It's intended to provide medical information.

You can watch it on this link.

The advertisement uses alluring words for us to think it is important and absolutely necessary to get one, especially if a doctor is recommending the chips! This is from the add....“To think something so small can connect you, to everything that matters, when your life and all you love are on the line, Health Link is always with you when every second counts in the emergency room, providing immediate access to your medical records, because Bob has trouble remembering all of his medications, because I’m in love with my kids kids. Because my car lost control while driving. Because now I’m looking out for both of us. Because I have diabetes but it doesn’t have me. Because I spend my life in the ER trying to save yours.”

People have predicted that this microchip would come for centuries. In the book of revelation (the final book of the bible) a chip is mentioned.

It’s here, it’s real and you can have a microchip if you choose. And if you don’t, eventually enough people will have it that you will have to get it to receive the same benefits as everyone else.

Diana, who does fight choreography and stunts in films including “Kalifornia” with Brad Pitt said about the chip, “HealthLink..Why? Because WE want to Know everything about you. Because we want to Control You. This is sooo CRAZY! But yes I know a lot of people that will be waiting in line for this...Why? Because they are RULED by FEAR. Doctors/Western Medicine thrives on Our Fear!.....Welcome to America Liana, I am thinking about moving to Australia...Do they make people take shots too?”

My friend Sam Hewson said “We live in THE matrix of life however we choose our programs when we Jack in!!! Because we know what THE matrix is!!!! And who we are!!! I can smell THE fear of people when I walk into a room- it’s all been revealed!!! I am nothing with access to everything and can be and do anything at my choice. Bling bling.”

Diana continues, “I realized that I have become So Lazy and Complacent...This is usually followed by CONFORMITY...and CONFORMITY is my Greatest fear for myself, my family & friends, and what I see is happening to my Country. I have to be better than that, Thanks for "WAKING ME UP" Liana.”

I am not blaming anyone, not Health Link, not the government, not the doctors, not anyone. I am fully responsible for this microchip. We all are. It happens in masses. I am a product of myself. We are a product of ourselves. Every time I buy a product I support its existence. Every time I buy organic I am saying yes please make more of this, every time I buy a burger from Mc Donalds I am saying yes please keep making this fast food. Every time we buy a product we support it. I am not blaming “them”. And it is not good or bad, it is at it is. And we get to choose which way we want to go. And our choice affects billions.

The power of fear in advertising is used to make us want a product. Any choice made from fear is made from a skewed perspective and would be unproductive and unstable. Rather than building on this unstable foundation created by fear, it was more important that we ask ourselves what are our key values? What are the truths at our inner inner core. Our bones.

There are few that go against the product and say I’m not having that. The minority of people are organic beings up against the machine. Even Jonny Depp says in interviews how he felt like a ‘product’ and he could see that they were trying to mould him into particular jello of good looks, dreamy and handsome. He said “I felt like a product and it as claustrophobic and so I chose roles that they didn’t want me to”. (Watch his interview in youtube under “Inside the Actors Studio with Jonny Depp).

One of the comments under the commercial on youtube says “The interesting thing I realized about this chip is it’s an rfid chip(radio frequency identification) so our bodies function because of frequencies, that’s how we move, the brain sends frequencies throughout the entire body right? Then a radio frequency chip will surely alter that since its constantly receiving and giving off frequencies RIGHT??? F*** this commercial most bulls*** thing I’ve ever seen but I know somewhere some old head is eating this up like a kfc bucket.”

I choose to not get a microchip inserted in my body. I am choosing not to let this be embedded into our environment.

Though an estimated 70 percent of processed foods in U.S. grocery stores are made with genetically modified ingredients. Human beings are fatter and sicker than ever in history. We have become processed people moving away from organic life.
"When will they make an End to this Madness?" asks Diana.

Well they won't. If we keep buying it they are going to keep making it. We need to put an end to it. If we want too? WE have the choice to keep it going or end it. Do we like the way the earth is or not? If we do than we should keep it going the way it is.

To me it feels like a sci-fi movie. It makes more sense to me to use marijuana than to eat a burger from McDonalds. I have friends that do NOT like the way the earth is, yet are resigned to think that it will not change. Well IT IS NOT THE END OF OUR LIVES AS ORGANIC BEINGS...if we choose that then it is. I’m NOT! I’m not ok with that. WE are natural avatars up against the white machines. The avatars win; they have lightness and the earth behind them. How can we not win?

And I choose to remain an organic being, living in this machine world. I choose to eat only foods that mother Earth intended. It is a gift from the Earth and every time I eat food, I thank it, I bless the food that may it have a happy home inside my body and I will give it the full appreciation and joy it deserves! It did grow into this beautiful plump, juicy, sweet, lush nectarine only to be eaten. So I’m going to eat it, and I’m not going to waste the beautiful divine moment.

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Matthew 9:37

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. John 10:27

Mia De Palma who has never had a immunisation or been sick in her 14 years off life on Earth says, “ I think it's just another level of control they can have over you, which isn't necessarily a good thing, you are your own person, and storing data on a chip about yourself that they can read, isn't something I’d feel good about having in me.

-I think that if we all work together and truly try, we can DEFINITELY transform our planet into something healthy and continually, but we all need to work together every single person in the world to try and make a difference. I think the only thing getting in the way is people’s greed for money and power and their sick perceptions.”

And I say, well if we use it, they are going to make it.

Watch the microchip on a clip from Zeitgeist

Challenges: Are we in a sci-fi movie or has getting microchips inserted in our bodies become normal life???

Triumphs: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” - Buddha

What I ate today:

Breakfast: Water with lemon squeezed in it. A beet, apple, carrot, celery juice. A nectarine.

Lunch: Today I didn't have set meals, I grazed throughout the day. Like an animal...a human animal! haha! See snacks.

Dinner: Grazin all day ;) See snacks.

Dessert: No dessert.

Snacks: Raw cauliflower, 2 nectarines, grapes, avocado, chocolate balls with peanut butter (crushed peanuts), 2 nectarines, black berries mmmm!

Recipe: Recipe for chocolate balls in blog Day 115.

Exercise: Working on set today working on a television pilot for "The Real Radio Show"!

200 days to go!!!

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