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Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 156

Thoughts: You are what you eat.

You are what you eat, how could you not be? If I ate nothing but processed foods, meats, sugars, I would be a walking processed human being vibrating at that frequency. People who think otherwise are ignorant. If I met an obese person I could easily assume the kind of foods and lifestyle they live.I feel like human beings have become so selfish and indulgent, yes including myself, and we have forgotten the purpose of eating. Food used to be for survival, for nutrition and for pleasure and it's such a beautiful and divine experience, where as nowadays it's a means to an end, we eat to get full, to have it fulfil something in us that we are craving, we have expectations from the food and have forgotten where it has come from. Food has become something to make us sick, to feel crap or when people say "I gotta die of something" ,"Or I only live once" yeah like you may as well enjoy the processed fattening donut that provides no nutritional benefits at all and the artery blockages it causes as what kind of thinking is this? whaaat?! Do we have a death wish? Is being on this planet that bad? I can understand if you say yes. And then immediately I am challenged with my own belief of I just don't understand why people re-choose this over and over again because it can change in one moment, a person just has to say 'right that's it, I'm done choosing being obese, I now choose health' and then make choices aligned with that declaration. I met a beautiful young man today in Wholefoods that is overweight and now has diabetes, and he is so inspiring because he has said enough is enough I choose to live and I choose health. And it is a shame for many people it takes them to have cancer, or a death threat, or diabetes, some life threatening illness and it’s the body SCREAMING out saying ‘Ok I’ve had enough, now what are we going to do, I can’t go on like this!’. It’s the body’s way of shutting down. It’s dyeing. And you’re killing it. For most people it takes this to happen before they make any changes. And for others, this happens and it seems easier to just give up and die. Sickness is totally preventable. AND you don’t have to deny yourself anything! You can enjoy the natural pleasures the earth provides! Yes which includes chocolate, coffee, sweet sweet sweet fruits, beautiful vegetables, you can make your own breads, cookies, there are a huge variety of nuts, sprouts, even organic meats if you like meat. You can make your own hamburger and fries, just cut some potatoes and fry it in olive oil topped with some Himalayan salt!

And I know it's easier said than done, because then our emotions come into play and we honour them and give in. I guess I have less compassion for this subject because I have done it, and it hasn't been easy, but I don't have some sort of special gift, I'm the same underneath as an obese person. I just choose health again and again and again and again. I guess I think if I can do it ANYONE one can. I’m not special. Underneath my frustration towards obesity and overweight people is a love for all people, I do wish good health for everyone, and it is available to everyone. I want everyone to experience the joy of health, feeling alive and having an abundance of self respect. And I am learning to respect everyone’s choice in that they just may not want to experience health. And then I am challenged (hehe right now you are witnessing an internal battle for the truth in my head) because I think that underneath, if people really looked inside for the truth, every single human being on this planet craves contribution, craves an abundance of health, wants to feel good and love and respect for one’s self. If I gave you a pill and said this pill will make you experience an abundance of health for the rest of your life and you will never experience cancer, aches and pains, disease, sickness....would you take it? I find it hard to believe that someone wouldn't want this. I’m not saying there is a pill...but really would you take the road to health? Do you want it? And why would you want to experience otherwise? Am I right or wrong, I honestly want to know...? Or maybe there are people out there who want to experience cancer? And feel your life is threatened. I know I did, when I found a tumour in my throat 2 years ago I looked back through my journals and I had written “what do I have to do to appreciate my body and health? I just don’t appreciate it.” I was so frustrated with the bingeing at the time and thought that a life threatening experience would rid me of my selfishness towards my healthy and body. And it didn’t. I still kept bingeing while I was detoxing my tumour out. And it was 156 days ago that I had experienced enough pain and suffering that I said “This is it. I choose health. I am going to create The Earth Diet to only eat foods naturally provided by the earth and restore love and nurture back into my body”. And it took one thought, one declaration and a commitment to myself. And here I am.

Challenges: My challenge is accepting that people do not choose health.

Triumphs: Since starting the Earth Diet my body naturally resonates towards some foods and away from others. Before starting the Earth Diet I could have eaten a hamburger. Now when I think of a hamburger I scrunch my face and think ewww the cheese and eewww the meat and bread YUK! That food is death to me now. This came naturally. I didn't force it.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: A avocado with walnuts. A beautiful mango from Florida!

Lunch: A beet, carrot, celery, ginger juice. Organic free range eggs cooked in olive oil. A nectarine.

Dinner: Tilapia fish with Green beans with slivered almonds in garlic, a baked potato and carrots cooked in orange juice. RECIPE BELOW!

Dessert: Chocolate balls! Mmm mmm and this time I put peanut butter in them, actual crushed peanuts from Wholefoods.

Snacks: A nectarine.


1. Bake potatoes in the oven.
2. Wrap the fish in tin foil with lemon squeezed on it and white onion slices if desired. Bake in th oven for 20 minutes until cooked. Grill at the end to brown if you like.
3. Carrots cooked in orange juice with tarragon. Squeeze fresh orange into a pot. Add carrots and fresh spice tarragon. Boil until carrots are firm to your liking.
4. Green beans with slivered almonds in garlic. Steam/Boil (Remember steaming is always better as you don't loose as many nutrients.) Dice garlic and cook with olive oil. After a few minutes add the almonds flipping them and making sure they don't burn. Add the steamed beans and mix together and wahlaaaaa!

Chocolate ball recipe blog day 115.

Exercise: A walk and run around the Cypress neighbourhood in Florida USA :) And did some jumps in the park, stretching mmm mmm, cartwheels, and climbed the pole 3 times! Lovin mixin it up ;)

209 days to go!!!


  1. Hey Liana,Great Bog today. I have learned that in order for One to make the HEALTHY choice,He first has to CARE.

    Use your willpower and better judgement to select and eat only foods best for you, regardless of redicule from friends or acquaintances.-DR R.T.Field

  2. Yes and that perhaps is one of the most challenging things as the majority of people choose the same from a machine.