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Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 6

Thoughts: I'm not sure what to call what I was going through before this challenge. An 'eating-disorder', an addiction, controlled by food, a food obsession, bingeing, a pain addiction...but you get the point. That's what it its totally gone! What I actually thought would never shift, has shifted! Finally! 5 years of 'it' just declared complete and gone!

Because I declared 'it' complete when I started this challenge I haven't had major challenges,cravings,and I'm not resisting it at all. I'm actually really enjoying this whole process. I guess my biggest challenge that I may face would be boredom. But with that being said, since I am the creator, boredom will only set in if I set it in, so this will be however I want it to be. This blog may even be boring to you because it does not have drama or challenges but you can count on me for another 359 days to write an honest blog about my Earth Diet and share authentically about whatever comes up for me.

I reckon if you have a weight problem, if you are overweight,or have created an eating disorder in your life, than you just don't have enough going on outside your life. If you did, then you wouldn't have time for an eating disorder, and you wouldn't have the space for it. Like I was caught up in my own little world. But now I remember that im just a tiny little dot in the whole universe and my eating obsession was tiny and not worth me having! You know like a problem I created and it's not worthy of my life! So now I get there is no need to have an eating disorder,no need to have a food obsession,no need to create extra drama!

Triumphs: today I got something huge and it was because of a comment my friend Matt posted on my blog, and that was that I truly have transformed my old way of being in just one declaration. I got how powerful our words are, and if we say we are going to do it, we will. And if we say we aren't going to do it, we won't. I feel like 'it' is no longer part of me,and 'it' is no longer in control,and when I look at it now,even though it's been just six days,I can't believe i let it control my life for so long!I have now expanded my plate,and I don't mean plate full of junk food,plate full of raw brocolli hehehe!Suffering is optional,and once I declared my eating-bingeing-obsession-pain-addiction-whatever-you-want-to-label-it complete,I feel like a big fat brick has flown off me and flew far into outer space!iam left feeling calm,peaceful and relieved! I feel so amazing because I have finally honoured my word,after 5 years of saying "as of tomorrow I will not binge,as of tomorrow I will love myself,as of tomorrow I will never binge again" I am finally honouring that. For 5 years I could not be my full self expression because I was not living with integrity.I was not being true to my word and so was depleting my true self!

What I ate today:

green apple, bowl of oats boiled in water

Lunch: mixed nuts (macadamia, cashew, pitashio, almond, peanut), a pear

Dinner: homemade sushi with rice,advocado,carrot and lettuce,and seaweed!

Snacks: peanuts in a shell

Dessert: no dessert

Recipe: sushi: cook rice,chop lettuce,advocado and carrot.wrap the raw ingredients and cooked rice in flattened seaweed!easy peeeeseey!and did you know sushi that you buy at a restaurant has sugar and vinegar in the rice!

Exercise: Walking in Perth city for 40 minutes! Oh and I walked up the stairs instead of taking the esculators!

Cost: Today I spent $22 on fresh fruit and vegatable, broccoli and carrot for tomorrow, sweet corn, mixed nuts, free range organic eggs.

359 days to go!

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  1. Wow Liana, I feel so honoured to get a mention in your blog. Here's a snack you could try - boil sweet potatoes with the skin on ... when done, peel and eat. Yum!