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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 3

Thoughts: 40 years ago it would have been a challenge to find foods with chemicals, with preservatives, additives, added flavours and colours. Now, today unfortunately it's hard to find foods that don't have these things! People have never been fatter then we are today. And it's because of what's in our food. Even in things you wouldn't even imagine, like today I wanted to put salt on my potatoes and i read the back of the container and it said Ingredients: salt and anticaking agent (554). Any additives with numbers is bad news! So I didn't use the salt as that would be inauthentic with this challenge. I will buy rock sea salt that comes in chunks and grind it myself. Our world is so fast paced that preparing all of our meals is time consuming. I am certainly learning this with this challenge. Tonight I didn't have dinner because I ran out of time, well I didn't make the time, and when I got home it was 9.30pm and I didn't feel like preparing a meal. Before this challenge I would have stopped at a service station and picked up Nando's or a chocolate bar.
Another thing, Dennis a friend of mine mentioned that if you want to improve the earth through the diet, than cut back on meat as the animals take up more resources than plants. Good point. We just keep consuming and consuming and consuming and consuming meat! I think humans have become selfish and indulgent and we consume more food than our bodies need and can handle. It's a myth that we need to eat meat a certain amount of times a week, and it's a myth that we need to eat 3 times a day. He also mentioned buying locally grown food "Much of the damage that is done to the Earth is done by transportation (greenhouse gases, fossil fuels, etc)", I shop at the markets once per week for organic local grown fruits and vegetables. Its cheaper, healthier for you and for the environment! So you can't go wrong at all! And I love it when I find a worm in my brocoli or strawberry because it shows that they didn't use pesticides to kill the bugs! The supermarket has a negative influence on people's eating habits. It's designed for us to spend money, and what do we spend money on most? Junk food. I went to the supermarket today to buy eggs, and when I was standing in the line to pay, the whole cubicle was filled with chocolate bars, cakes, tarts, cookies to tempt people to spending more money on quick and easy impulse buys, and its all junk food! My friend Jane said "why don't they fill the line with healthy foods?". We wouldn't but it.

Challenges: I realized how time consuming this is, and that I need to plan ahead, as tonight I went without dinner because I didn't 'plan'.

Triumphs: I was so happy today to learn that I could make my own chocolate! I absolutely love chocolate, the feeling it gives my body, however I don't like the 'guilty' thoughts associated with eating it, and eating too much of it. I got today that if I make my meals from wholesome natural foods, then I don't actually feel sluggish, or that I over ate on too much gluten, or chemicals, so I don't have those thoughts of 'this food will make me sick and tired and bloated',or 'iam destroying my body with this crappy food','you suck because you obviously don't care about your body if you eat this' and bla bla bla so now its like aaahh freedom at last! I love it! So i purchased some cocao beans and a grinder to make the chocolate! wow I am so excited to see what my very own home made chocolate tastes like! Today I tried a raw cocao bean, and it was very sour, and had a dark, rich, thick consistency. I imagined what it must have been like for the Egyptians..I mean they worshipped these beans, and it is said that they would have 30 cocao drinks a day, and they even used them for currency! The food back then would have only been natural and wholesome, with no added anythings, i mean they didn't have to add anything did they, they didn't have supermarkets! So i can imagine when they first discovered the beans, how rich in flavour they must have been. Human beings tastes have certainly changed over the years, it seems we are less satisfied and are always adding new flavours to our foods.

Today I ate:

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs fried in olive oil.

Lunch: Same as I had last night for dinner! hehe i loved it that much! French Fries (2 sliced potatoes in olive oil), with salad, green lettuce, strawberries, red onion and advocado.

Dinner: No dinner. Oops need to plan better. I mean the women 60 years ago must have just cooked! It takes so much time, effort and planning!

Desert: No desert.

Snacks: corn on the cob (i ate it raw for the first time, it was sensational!so sweet and ... raw!), cammomile and spearmint tea (the actual loose tea leaves), and peanuts in a shell, walnuts, strawberries, blueberries, cherries. (wow I ate a lot of snacks today!)

Recipe: To see the lunch recipe see "Day 2" blog.

Cost: $30 for the grinder to grind the Cocao sure I will get plenty of use from this is the 363 days left! $10 for a bag of cocao beans, and $5 on free range organic eggs.

Exercise: 15 minutes running on the treadmill, 5 minutes doing ab work and 10 minutes in the sauna.

362.. days to go!!!

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