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Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 2

No I am not doing this Earth Diet because I think i'm fat. In fact I don't even like using the word 'diet' because it implies 'something is wrong' or 'someone is fat and needs to be fixed'. So whenever I write Earth 'Diet', I simply mean an Earth lifestyle. I am adapting a healthy, balanced and moderation eating wholesome foods from the earth! That is such a sexy sentence don't ya think? So healthy! Hehe. And I don't think I am fat at all! However I am looking forward to having my butt get tighter and higher! hehe! I am a size 10, I am not stick thin, and I am not overweight. I am healthy. I am however sick of my unhealthy choices when I binge on junk food. My body doesn't deserve that. I know it's only day two, but I feel alive and energetic and my body feels healthy and clean and I can actually 'bé' with my body. When I eat junk food I do not enjoy being inside my body.

Today I wanted chocolate and felt sad that I chose not so have it, and like I was missing out. I have to look at it not like im 'missing' out on foods, but i am gaining more...more energy and vitality!

I also really enjoy eating with my hands, and feeling and connecting with the food. One of my good friends is an Arab and they eat their main meals with their hands, I love going over to their place and touching the food, feeling it, feeling its warmth, feeling the sensation of the food on our hands...i wonder why we invented knives and forks???!!

Thoughts: Today was awesome! Well it is only day 2 after all! Haha! I had a chocolate craving but it was so nice to know I had control and could make a choice to eat fruit instead! I was actually so excited to make dinner tonight! I had french fries with a juicy salad! And it was so fufilling, and I don't feel sluggish at all, I still feel energetic and alive! And for desert I am going to eat some fresh cherries and blueberries. I would usually have an icecream!

Challenges: I had a thought around 11am...I would really love to munch on some chocolate. I had kiwi fruit instead. It was actually just as satisfying...really sweet! The earth provides us with all sorts of natural flavours, sweet, spicy and sour!

Triumphs: I made it through day 2 eating only natural foods from the earth!

Today I ate:

Breakfast: two fried eggs in olive oil. (I scramble the eggs in a bowl first and then fry in olive oil, they come out crisp and soft mmm mmmmm!)

Lunch: Left over vegetable stirfry from last night. Brown rice with vegetables.

Dinner: French fries (and by that I mean I sliced potatoes and deep fried them in olive oil! Homemade chips are the best chips in the world! I think I forgot what a real potato had taste like, it had been that long! So french fries with rock sea salt, and a big fat juicy salad with green lettuce, advocado, strawberries, green onion and olive oil drissled over it for a dressing (lemon juice from a lemon with the olive oil also makes a yummy dressing!).

Snacks: Two kiwi fruit and peanuts in a shell.

Recipe: Dinner: 1. Slice Potatoes (I like to keep them thick and potatoey). Heat the olive oil in a deep fry pan. Fry the potatoes in the pan, make sure the oil is covering the potatoes. Take them out when they are done to your liking! I like them soft with a crunchy outside! Put rock seal salt on them if you like and sit them on paper towel to drain the oil out of them (olive oil is very good for you did you know? Any other oil is actually toxic when it is heated, especially vegetable and canola oil, so olive oil is made from olives and is the best for you). To make the salad take lettuce leaves, cut strawberries, slice a red onion, chop advocado, add it all together and top it off with olive oil for dressing (add lemon if you like).

Cost: Today I spent $25 on food. Oh and get this I bought 32 rolls of toilet paper for $6...haaa whaaa?!!! 32 rolls...thats a lot of toilet paper! I guess my body knows I will be pooping a lot after all this food!

Exercise: A 90 minute Bikram Yoga class (yoga in a room 45 degrees!)

363 days to go!


  1. I just started reading your blog, I chanced upon it and went straight to day 0 so I will follow your adventure (at a faster pace) day to day.

    I also hate the word Diet, I usually use regime instead-


  2. Hello :-) I have recently purchased the Earth Diet, and have been eating mainly whole foods for a long time. I cannot afford all the variety of fresh items you are juicing in your book, but already have sooo many of the items on the list. I am going to modify and ready one blog entry each day. Mostly I need to curb my sugar cravings and exercise more. I can't wait to see how your eating morphs over time! Thank you!