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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spaghetti Bolognaise and The Earth Diet?

Hi Liana, I want to incorporate The Earth Diet into my lifestyle but I love to eat things like chocolate, pizza, tacojs and spaghetti bog! I know you have recipes to all of those on your site, - but nothing beats my grandmothers spag bog! How can I do The Earth Diet and still be able to eat things like this??? - Patrick, UK

 Hi Patrick!

You absolutely can create The Earth Diet to suit your lifestyle. Just to refresh TED is a lifestyle that focuses on the abundance of what the earth naturally provides. It is not about sacrificing what you love.

So you can still be focusing on the abundance of what the earth provides naturally AND be eating your grandmothers spaghetti bog! After all some natural ingredients in that dish may be tomatoes, beef and fresh herbs and spices.

You may even like to eat just one meal in the day of foods that are naturally provided by the earth, and the other meals can be whatever you like. We also suggest to people who say their addiction has them eating 5 chocolate bars a day - eat 4 instead a day and replace the fifth one with a piece of fruit. Or eat 4 chocolate bars a day and replace the fifth with your own chocolate recipe that we provide on the website. Your body will get in tune with the difference in food that contains chemicals and the food that does not. And your body will naturally resonate towards the foods that make you feel good. Because we are feel good beings :) We all want to feel good - do we not? ;) So enjoy your grandmothers spaghetti bog -fully and completely! You may like to then eat a bowl of fresh sweet strawberries for dessert? ;)

With love, Liana :)

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