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Thursday, January 27, 2011

You are powerful beyond measure.

Sometimes life is too overwhelming for me, I can’t handle it, and I freak out in my mind thinking about a million things. The only thing I can think to do in those times is eat. And I just keep eating. Then after wards I feel so guilty that I just wished I had not done it. I feel like I will have this forever and I just some how have to live with it. Is this true? –Sally WA - Australia

Hi Sally, thank you for your blog request :) 

Only you can decide whether this be true or not. It is all you. We would of course like to tell you it is not true, and even if we do tell you it is not true, you will still question it.  What you speak of is current in your life right now. After right now there is another now, and then now, and another now after that. Human beings are beings that are being human. We do not exist any one way as we are moving matter. You can be sad one day and happy the next. You can be sad one hour and happy the next. You can be sad one moment and happy the next moment. We can literally alter our state at that speed. We have thoughts and we have a physical body. The mind thinks and the body follows. You can literally begin to change your thinking right now and experience an entirely new you – you are powerful beyond measure. Every human being on the planet is the same. You can assume that every person you meet has extra ordinary capabilities and you could be there to remind them that life will be however we choose.  

As you remind others you remind yourself

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