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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 273

Thoughts: How you can become fat without overeating ...

Most processed food contains MSG. Study shows MSG-fed mice became grossly obese. MSG is in more foods than you know, most probably foods that you eat - regularly.

MSG that is fed to a fetus and/or to an infant moves through the incomplete (immature) blood-brain-barrier in the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus and kills brain cells (neurons), causing permanent damage to the endocrine system that controls weight gain. In other words, when delivered to the fetus in utero and/or fed to the very young, MSG produces brain damage that damages the endocrine system and causes obesity as subjects approach maturity. Diet and exercise will do little of a permanent nature for a person whose endocrine system has been damaged in this way.

MSG has also been found to disrupt the metabolism of some otherwise seemingly normal healthy adults, affecting hormones that regulate weight. Continuous ingestion of MSG raises some hormone levels, including levels of the hormone insulin. When the insulin level is raised, the glucose level is lowered, which is the body’s signal to eat more food in order to raise (balance) the glucose level.

Truth In Labeling states that everyone knows that some people get reactions after eating the food ingredient monosodium glutamate --reactions that include migraine headaches, upset stomach, fuzzy thinking, diarrhea, heart irregularities, asthma, and/or mood swings. What many don’t know, is that more than 40 different ingredients contain the chemical in monosodium glutamate (processed free glutamic acid) that causes these reactions. The following list of ingredients that contain processed free glutamic acid has been compiled over the last 20 years from consumers’ reports of adverse reactions and information provided by manufacturers and food technologists.

(Last updated June, 2010)
Names of ingredients that always contain processed free glutamic acid:
Glutamic acid (E 620), Glutamate (E 620)
Monosodium glutamate (E 621)
Monopotassium glutamate (E 622)
Calcium glutamate (E 623)
Monoammonium glutamate (E 624)
Magnesium glutamate (E 625)
Natrium glutamate
Yeast extract
Anything “hydrolyzed”
Any “hydrolyzed protein”
Calcium caseinate, Sodium caseinate
Yeast food, Yeast nutrient
Autolyzed yeast
Textured protein

Names of ingredients that often contain or produce processed free glutamic acid:
Carrageenan (E 407)
Bouillon and broth
Whey protein, Whey protein concentrate
Whey protein isolate
Any “flavors” or “flavoring”
Citric acid (E 330)
Anything “ultra-pasteurized”
Barley malt
Pectin (E 440)
Anything “enzyme modified”
Anything containing “enzymes”
Malt extract
Soy sauce
Soy sauce extract
Soy protein, Soy protein concentrate, Soy protein isolate
Anything “protein fortified”
Anything “fermented”

The following ingredients work synergistically with MSG to enhance flavor. If they are present for flavoring purposes, so is MSG.
Disodium 5’-guanylate (E 627)
Disodium 5’-inosinate (E-631)
Disodium 5'-ribonucleotides (E 635)

The following are ingredients suspected of containing or creating sufficient processed free glutamic acid to serve as MSG-reaction triggers in HIGHLY SENSITIVE people:
Corn starch Corn syrup Modified food starch Lipolyzed butter fat Dextrose
Rice syrup, brown rice syrup Milk powder Reduced fat milk (e.g.., skim milk; 1% milk; 2% milk) most things low fat or no fat anything Enriched or Vitamin enriched

Ban MSG? Not a chance. If the FDA banned MSG, the drug companies would lose billions. Think about how much money they make treating asthma, migraine headache, seizures, depression, heart irregularities and all of the the other reactions to MSG. And cancer, too. Acid hydrolyzed proteins contain carcinogenic propanols.

Fact. Protein powders do not contain intact protein. They contain amino acids that have been freed from protein through a manufacturing process. They invariably contain neurotoxic (brain damaging), endocrine disrupting processed free glutamic acid (MSG) and neurotoxic, endocrine disrupting aspartic acid. Some, if not all, also contain neurotoxic L-cysteine.

Fact. It is only amino acids that are free (outside of protein) when you ingest them that cause MSG-type adverse reactions. (The amino acids in protein will not cause MSG-type adverse reactions.)

Fact. Exercise taken either before or after ingesting MSG will exacerbate an MSG reaction in MSG-sensitive people. Included in those reactions are heart irregularities. (That might explain why young athletes, who bulk up on protein powder, and often drink MSG and/or aspartame-containing beverages during athletic events, are collapsing on athletic fields.)

Chances are that if you are sensitive to MSG, you will also be sensitive to the processed free aspartic acid found in aspartame, AminoSweet, Neotame, NutraSweet, Equal............ (It's the rare chewing gum that won't have aspartame in it -- not necessarily labeled as such.)

Fact.**These are the ingredients that contain processed free glutamic acid (MSG).

Fact. MSG-containing ingredients manufactured using acid hydrolysis contain carcinogenic (cancer causing) propanols. (It is impossible to tell from a label which ingredients are manufactured using acid hydrolysis and which are not.)

**The glutamate industry has been pouring out propaganda on the “safety” of monosodium glutamate since 1969. They are rich, powerful, and have been extraordinarily successful in suppressing information that might embarrass them while enhancing the image of their product.

Fact. There is no government body that is going to tell you where MSG is hidden in food, cosmetics, dietary supplements, or pharmaceuticals. (Not the Senate, Congress, Whitehouse, FDA, USDA, EPA, or CDC. They have all been asked. They have all refused.)

Fact. Most traditions physicians have been conned into believing that the MSG in food (and elsewhere) is harmless. (There are medical schools text books and food encyclopedias with chapters written by Ajinomoto, Co., Inc. that tell them so.)

Fact. Those who manufacture processed food often take great pains to hide the presence of MSG from consumers. (They sometimes replace monosodium glutamate with MSG-containing ingredients that give no clue to its presence. They call them “clean labels”. Manufacturers are also often less than truthful when consumers inquire about the presence of MSG in their products.)


The Earth Diet promotes a lifestyle MSG free. Whole foods from provided by nature do not contain MSG!

Information provided by the Truth in Labeling Campaign, Web:

Challenges: "I find it fascinating that the cost of health care is of great concern to this President and Congress, but the cost to consumers of industry's pouring toxins into food isn't even considered." Anonymous

Triumphs: Why always "not yet"? Do flowers in spring say "not yet"? ~Norman Douglas. Today was a raw day for me, I ate 100% raw mono foods :) No MSG present ;) I am feeling refreshed and light!

What I Ate Today:

Food fest 1: A avocado

Food fest 2: Pineapple

Food fest 2: 1/2 a avocado

Food fest 3: Some organic cherries

Food fest 4: 3 organic nectarines

Food fest 5: Macadamia nuts - lots of them! They are my favourite nut! Creamy and whole :)

Recipe: Recipes are available on The Earth Diet website Yesterday I had Raw Brazil Nut Truffle Balls and Green Thai Curry with Basil & Almond.

Exercise: A one hour workout at Big Al's Family Fitness, I did ab work, cardio and some boxing :) Feeling physically fit and strong!

92 days to go!!!


  1. great info re MSG, but you're not eating enough food, if all ate are fruits and nuts, even if you had lots of it. sounds like a restrictive diet.

  2. My god, i cant believe you can exercise and survive on fruit and nuts! I just coudnt do that...i dont think many people could. I wonder about the long term affects of your diet?...Great awareness brought to us thru your blog tho...

  3. Thank you for your comments! I never knew I could either - and now I have more energy than I did previous to The Earth Diet! It is the processed foods, chemicals, additives, preservatives, colourings, artificial sugars and flavours that slow us down. Our body was designed to eat foods naturally provided by the earth and so it is able to perform by eating whole foods like nuts, fruits, vegetables, meats, seafoods, grains! I wouldn't call it restrictive - I eat chocolate balls with peanut butter, chocolate mousse, cookies, pancakes with fruit syrup, chicken with honey and rosemary, juices, macadamia nuts, just to name a few! It is just swapping processed foods with whole foods! Yum! Recipes are available on the website
    Peace, love and light. Liana xxx