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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 256

Thoughts: Actions of food ...

CALM SHEN: licorice, lily flower

REDUCE STOMACH ACID: chicken eggshell, cuttlebone

STOP PERSPIRATION: oyster shell, peach


ASTRINGE JING: lotus plumule, oyster shell, walnut, black fungus,

CLEAR TOXINS: abalone, banana, bean curd, black soybean, castor bean, cherry seed chicken egg white, Chinese wax gourd, clam (freshwater), cucumber, date (red & black), fig, honey, kohlrabi, radish, salt, sesame oil, small red bean, star fruit, vinegar

DISPERSE BLOOD STAGNATION: dates, chive, chiveroot, crab, hawthorn fruit, saffron, vinegar

DISPERSE COLD: ginger (fresh), wine

TRANSFORM PHLEGM: Chinese wax gourd, clam (saltwater), longevity fruit, pear, radish, sea grass seaweed

FACILITATE MEASLES ERUPTIONS: cherry seed, coriander, sunflower seed

IMPROVE APPETITE: green & red pepper, ham

INDUCE BOWEL MOVEMENT: castor bean, sesame oil

INDUCE PERSPIRATION: cinnamon twig, coriander, ginger, green onion, marjoram, rosemary

LUBRICATE DRYNESS: bean curd, chicken egg & yolk, honey, maltose, mother's milk, pear, pork, sesame oil, spinach, sugar cane juice, yellow soy bean

LUBRICATE INTESTINES: bitter & sweet apricot seed, banana, peach, soybean oil, walnut, watermelon

LUBRICATE LUNGS: apple, apricot, chicken egg white, ginseng, lily flower, longevity fruit, loquat, mandarin orange, peanuts, persimmon, strawberry, white fungus

PRODUCE FLUIDS: apple, apricot, bean curd, coconut, red & black date, ham, lemon, licorice, litchi, maltose, peach, pear, plum, sour plum, star fruit, strawberry, sugar cane juice, tomato, white fungus

PROMOTE BLOOD CIRCULATION: black soybean, dates, chestnut, peach, saffron, sweet basil, wine

PROMOTE DIGESTION: apple, coriander, ginseng, green & red pepper, hops, malt, nutmeg, papaya, pineapple, plum, radish & leaf, sweet basil, tomato

PROMOTE ENERGY CIRCULATION: caraway, chive & root, dillseeds, dry mandarin orange peel, fennel, garlic, kumquat, litchi, marjoram, radish leaf, spearmint, star anise, sweet basil, tangerine, tobacco

PROMOTE MILK SECRETION: common carp, lettuce

PROMOTE URINATION: asparagus, barley, Chinese cabbage, carrot, Chinese wax gourd, coconut, coffee, corn silk, cucumber, grape, hops, kidney bean, lettuce, mandarin orange, mango, mung bean, muskmelon, onion, pineapple, plum, star fruit, sugar cane juice, water chestnut, watermelon

QUENCH THIRST: crab apple, cucumber, loquat, mango, muskmelon, persimmon, pineapple

REDUCE FEVER: muskmelon, star fruit, water chestnut

RELIEVE ASTHMA: bitter apricot seed

RELIEVE COUGH: sweet & bitter apricot seed, kumquat, longevity fruit, mandarin orange, tangerine, thyme

RELIEVE DIARRHEA: guava, sunflower seed

RELIEVE HEAT SENSATIONS: chicken egg white, crab, mung bean, sea grass

RELIEVE PAIN: honey, litchi, spearmint, squash, tobacco

SHARPEN VISION(Brighten eyes): abalone, bitter gourd, wild cucumber, freshwater clam, cuttlefish

SOFTEN HARDNESS: saltwater clam, kelp, oyster shell, sea grass, seaweed

TONIFY BLOOD DEFICIENCY: beef, chicken egg & yolk, cuttlefish, mother's milk, oyster, spinach

TONIFY QI DEFICIENCY: sweet apricot seed, bean curd, beef, brown sugar, chicken, eel, licorice, maltose, mutton, polished rice, potato, sweet rice, sweet potato

TONIFY HEART: coffee, wheat

TONIFY KIDNEYS: black sesame seed, string bean, sword bean, wheat, kidney

TONIFY LIVER: black sesame seed, liver

TONIFY LUNGS: Job's tears, milk

TONIFY SPLEEN: beef, gold carp, ham, horse bean, hyacinth bean, Job's tears,
polished rice, potato, string bean, sweet potato, yellow soybean

TONIFY STOMACH: beef, hops, milk, rosemary

RELIEVE DRUNKENNESS: apple, ginseng, strawberry

WARM INTERIOR: black & white pepper, chicken, chive roots, clove, fennel, dried ginger, green & red pepper, mutton, nutmeg, sword bean


Challenges: Living all the time! "A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life." Charles Darwin

Triumphs: As a Zen saying goes, “A master in the art of living makes little distinction between work and play, between labor and leisure, between love and religion. Hardly knowing which is which, a master is always doing both.”

What I Ate Today:

Food fest 1: Beans and Rice - there is no breakfast food on The Earth Diet hehee!

Food fest 2: Sunflower seeds

Food fest 3: More beans and rice

Food fest 4: a sweet sweet peach :)

Food fest 5: A avocado with walnuts

Exercise: A bike ride around Amityville in the beautiful sun :)

109 days to go!!!


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